Chris Siegfried's Confession Should Send Up a Huge Red Flag for Desiree Hartsock

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Des and Chris

Even though we're all well aware that Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock only got engaged to Chris Siegfried because she was petrified of being alone after Brooks Forester dumped her, most of us are pretty happy for Chris. He's all kinds of romantic, sweet, and seems to have his priorities in line.

And he's obviously a very hard worker who is incredibly dedicated to his career. So much, in fact, that Chris wouldn't have proposed to Des if she'd refused to pack up and leave L.A. to move to Seattle to be with him.

Yes, I'm serious. He actually went so far as to say that Des staying in Cali "would've been a deal breaker."

Geez. Who knew that Chris had a little bit of a controlling streak going on underneath his smooth, poetry-composing exterior?

I may be way out in left field here -- but if you're really, truly in love with someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, shouldn't you be willing to do anything it takes to be with that person? Even if it means giving up your job and starting over in another city?

Whether or not Chris was Des's second choice is beside the point. The girl did move to Seattle for him, so she must have some sort of deep feelings for the guy. And if he is really as head-over-heels in love with her as he claims to be -- shouldn't he have been willing to do the same to accommodate her dreams too?

Maybe the possibility of him moving to L.A. never came up since she was quick to tell him she was willing to go to Seattle. But still -- calling it a "deal breaker" had she decided that relocating wasn't an option? That sounds a little extreme to me, especially considering Des and Chris are an engaged couple. (It's not like they're casually dating, for crying out loud.)

If I were Des, Chris' refusal to move would've sent up a huge red flag, because it shows that he might not be willing to compromise on other things down the road. And since one of the key elements of any good marriage is compromise -- Des better hope Chris figures out the concept before she walks down the aisle and says, "I do." (Not that a wedding is ever actually going to happen.)

Do you think it's strange that Chris would've broken things off with Des if she hadn't moved?


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Elaine Cox

it amazes me that people think this stuff is real...

Mary Lynn Noonan-Toschi

I think you are being far too hard on Chris.  After all, good jobs are not easy to get these days.  He's on a career path that he is lucky to be on.  Don't be so hard on the guy.  

Jennifer Wiseman

I agree with the above person, don't be so hard on him. He obviously has a good job going & that's few & far between these days! Just sayin!

Doris Engelke Kuhlman

Give them a chance!! She can design anywhere! His job may not be so moveable! Let them alone!

nonmember avatar Sarah

If this is a real thing, I wouldn't see Chris as a control freak. It's more that he probably has a head on his shoulders and didn't want them to be taken in by LA. But wanted to get into reality and a real life and live a life together out of the spotlight. Hard to do that with all the pretty flash bulbs in CA.

Patsy Barrett

I hope they make it together they both are good people


mande... manderspanders

The bigger issue here of location being a deal breaker:  I love my husband more than anything, but I would NEVER move to Ohio (his home state). Ever.  He knew this before proposing to me.  We are settled in my home town, and although there have been a few struggles for him, it is proving to be the best place for us to be right now.

So, I don't see any issue whatsoever with asking your significant other to move, to leave... and it can be a dealbreaker for either person.  But there are some things that you just can't compromise on, and one person makes this sacrifice, but there will be plenty of sacrifices made by the other as well, even in "perfect" relationships.

nonmember avatar Lori Murray

Oh boy!!!!!! He told her during there date that if thing's worked out between them if she would be open to moving there to be with him!!!!! And she said she was willing to do so!!! So she knew where his head was before she agreed to marring him!!!!! I think if people have them a chance they just might make it work!!!! My nephew doesn't want to move to where his wife want's to live but his doing so because he wants there marriage to work!!! I know Des and Chris are not married yet but still you have to do what you think is best to make thing's work!!!!!

Robin Emerson

She knew before he ever proposed. It was mentioned at the dinner table that evening, and she agreed because her career she can do anywhere. I think Chris was a great pick for her, and I think they will be just fine if everyone leaves them alone!!!!!


nonmember avatar J

Wow. Would you be willing to move after such a whirlwind romance? Not even sure if she really wanted you, you would throw away all of your security, career and future over a tv show? She is moveable, he isn't. It means nothing about their relationship. I know I will never leave my state because my husband has children from another marriage here. I would turn down any job possibility.

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