Anastasia Steele Hopeful May Not Get Cast & It's All ... Johnny Depp's Fault?

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amber heardWhile Fifty Shades of Grey fans are pulling their hair out wondering if they're going to be GOING GRAY before they hear some news about casting, an intriguing albeit questionable rumor -- originating from The Enquirer nonetheless -- about a potential Anastasia Steele is floating around ... Believe it or not, Johnny Depp's 27-year-old girlfriend Amber Heard has reportedly been up for the coveted role, but sources say Johnny told her to turn it down. Because -- get this -- he says it's too "smutty," but beyond that, he's apparently totally freaked by the idea of her doing sexy scenes with whomever is cast as Christian.

All I have to say is ... uh, REALLY?! On all accounts!

I guess I could see Amber at least being floated as a contender ... Maybe the casting agents were thinking she could dye her hair to be brunette? And yes, she has experience in sexy roles -- see The Playboy Club and the film on which she met Johnny, The Rum Diary. She's also been buzzed about the Next Scarlett Johansson or Angelina Jolie. But do any of those factoids scream "naive, uptight, virginal" college student to you? Pfft! No way! Much more believable to see her being up for the part of Kate Kavanaugh.

And the least believable bit of the story is that Johnny Depp would discourage Amber from taking a role that could really be a major career move for any young actress. I just don't see him as a control freak jerkazoid like that -- and doesn't the 50-year-old father of two have bigger fish to fry than micromanaging his girlfriend's career? Well, you never know! But ultimately, if Johnny, Fifty Shades casting directors, or Amber herself are keeping her from being cast as Ana, I have a feeling the flick will be better off!

Do you think Amber could play Ana?


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CLM3345 CLM3345


youth... youthfulsoul

Well I've never heard of her so I would say it would be the right career move to accept the role, if it were to be offered. Then maybe she will be known for more than being Johnny Depp's girlfriend.

peach... peachpies

She's not even a contender for Ana. She doesn't fit Ana what-so-ever. She's way too pretty, sultry, and doesn't have the innocence. It makes her perfect for Kate though. She's been one of my favorites for Kate since the beginning, and I'm always seeing her name for that role, not Ana.

nonmember avatar Amber Dye

I can see her as Kate but not Ana.

Angel Vasquez

she look like she could play Anna's Friend 

Marluce Minardi

Definitely Kate material. Not Ana....

Panda... PandaPop83

Yeah, I agree. She'd fit more into the character if Kate.

Jaclyn Wolf

Was thinking more Kate than Anna! She is awfully pretty though!

nonmember avatar Leslie

I see Amber as Kate. Not as Anna.

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