Newest 'DWTS' Casting Rumor Is Great News for Country Music Fans

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Jo Dee MessinaWhile we're waiting for the cast of Dancing With the Stars season 17 to be revealed on Good Morning America on September 4, it's impossible to ignore the rumors about who will wind up making the cut.

So far no names have been confirmed yet, though Paula Deen, John Stamos, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller are a few who have created quite a buzz -- any of whom could wind up becoming a reality as far as the new cast goes.

And now it looks as though the new DWTS contestants may include a country singer -- if what she had to say about meeting with producers of the show is any indication.

Jo Dee Messina posted this update to her Facebook page:

As soon as we got in [from touring], I headed to airport to fly to L.A. I had a meeting with the folks at ABC and Dancing With the Stars. I'm hoping to get on there for the fall season ... The folks out there were so nice. I really enjoyed meeting with them.

Huh. Sounds like a sure thing to me -- that is if the people at ABC decide to sign Jo Dee on for season 17.

And in my opinion, she'd be a great addition to the cast. I've been a huge fan of Jo Dee's music ever since I was in college -- but it would be so much fun to see her give dancing a whirl and also get to know her a bit better while she's on the show.

It's obvious that this is something she really wants to do, which means she'll really give it her all and put in 100 percent effort -- and that will make her a great competitor. Sometimes I feel like stars go on the show simply for publicity and aren't really into the idea of learning how to move. But Jo Dee would definitely try her best, and with any luck, she'll prove to be pretty good at the whole ballroom thing and possibly even make it to the finals.

If she does wind up being part of the cast, I'll certainly be rooting and voting for her!

Do you think Jo Dee should be on DWTS?


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nonmember avatar joanne woods

I would love to see JoDee on DWTS. She would be fantastic!!

Kevin Haynes

I think Jo Dee Messina should be on DWTS cause if she get paired with Maks maybe she'll win him, his first Mirrorball Trophy

nonmember avatar NanaBear50

Not being a follower of country music, I don't know her, but I didn't know Kellie either before last season, and she won me over big time. So if she's willing to put in the work and learn from whoever they partner her with, she will do good.

Dwts Photos

Hoping John Stamos is going to be on .

Beth Ingram-fountain

She would be great I am glad they are looking @ more mature people than young kid's!!!!

Bobbie Norris

I don't care as long as they can dance.

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