Actor Lee Thompson Young Found Dead at 29 in Apparent Suicide

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lee thomas youngWe have heartbreaking news this afternoon. Actor Lee Thompson Young died from an apparent suicide, according to TMZ. He was 29 years old. When Young had failed to report to work on the set of Rizzoli & Isles this morning, staffers called the landlord of his home in Los Angeles. Police say Young was found dead in his apartment. They did not disclose any other details about his death. However, Young's publicist released a statement, saying, "It is with great sadness that I announce that Lee Thompson Young tragically took his own life this morning ... Lee was more than just a brilliant young actor, he was a wonderful and gentle soul who will be truly missed."

This is terribly sad news. Young's career included his breakout role starring in the 1990s Disney show The Famous Jett Jackson, followed by a role of running back Chris Comer in the 2004 movie Friday Night Lights. He had roles in The Guardian, Scrubs, Smallville, Akeelah and the Bee, and FlashForward. His current TV series, Rizzoli & Isles, airs on TNT. He plays Detective Barry Frost opposite Angie Harmon.

Lee got his start in acting at the age of 10, when he played a young Dr. Martin Luther King in the play A Night of Stars and Dreams. Young studies martial arts throughout his life and was an active supporter of the Children's Defense Fund.

Details on this story are still developing. Our condolences to Young's family.

Please call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in case you are worried about yourself or someone else.


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IKnow... IKnow0101

I'm feeling such sorrow right now. I grew up watching him and was currently enjoying him on Rizzoli and Isle. Such a shock and so much heartbreak for his family and friends. Rest in peace and prayers to his love ones.

nonmember avatar Njoki G

so sad...just broke my heart.such potential down the'l be remembered and missed.condolences to the family and friends

nonmember avatar jandas2

What a terrible, terrible loss. If only he knew and could feel how much he will be missed. So sad.

nonmember avatar camilke

What is going on in the world today. So young and full of life. What happened here.

nonmember avatar k.j 83

i truly sorry 4 the lost of young's family know that he was loved .admired',and will be missed by many!!you are in my prays god bless

Jules... Jules0812

I just don't get it!!  Why are all these young and talented people taking there own lives???  I pray for their family and friends.  May they find peace and love..RIP...You will be missed!!🌹🌅

Ellen Winters

A person may seem fine to the naked eye, to their friend or family, but it is easy to hide pain. Depression is so gripping. We may fight with all we have and still loose. Medication only helps some, not all. I am sure the majority of us have known a person who wanted to die. I am one of those people. One of those people who have wished for death their entire life. I work daily at keeping my strength. I have voiced my feelings and get continual help. That was an enormous admission filled with regret for not keeping it in, shame for not appreciating the life I have been given, embarrassment that I could and can't find happiness. We need to look at all sides. Is it fair to say a person should live in complete and utter agony, just to save the hearts of others? Every coin has two sides, always remember. I wish he could have gotten the help he needed, but maybe he couldn't find it. I am so sad he was in such pain. I know this will cause furor, but I feel it was his right to take his life, to end his pain. A 29 year old rarely does something like this without deep forethought. Perhaps a teen ager, but not a man with a career he worked hard to achieve. Let us allow him his dignity in death and the manner he chose to take it. He deserves that.

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