Upbeat 'Glee' Season 5 Teaser Is a Tough Pill for Fans to Swallow (VIDEO)

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sue sylvester as nicki minajThe Glee season 5 premiere will be here before we know it. And Fox doesn't want us to forget that, so they've released a teaser entitled, "Once Again." Just like every year. Except this isn't every year. This year, the cast, crew, and Glee fans around the world are still mourning the loss of Cory Monteith ...

And for that reason, it is a bit jarring to see a Glee promo with the same light and liveliness and color that it had before. As Jezebel put it, it might rub some as "eerily chipper." But at the same time ... what did we expect?

Here's the clip if you haven't seen it yet ...

Okay, sure, it may be off-putting, weird, bizarre, or simply depressing to think about Glee's return being as "whoopdeedoo," carefree, spirited as this promo makes it seem. But it looks like this was meant as a reminder that Lea Michele & Co. are delivering Glee to us "once again," even in light of a traumatic situation. A reminder that life and Glee goes on. (As Cory probably would have wanted it to.)

Not that it still isn't hard for us to separate reality from fiction. And not that it isn't normal for fans to watch this and feel like something's missing, because it isn't somber in tone or even acknowledging Cory. But that will come too. In the meantime, there's no harm in knowing the next installment of Glee will be as entertaining as it's sure to be tearjerking at times.

What are your thoughts on the promo?


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Kacie Schleis

Umm, this episode is supposed to be a celebration of Corey's ("Finn's) life... of course it's upbeat.

nonmember avatar bill660

@Kacie. Finns death and the Cory tribute wont be untill the third episode.

nonmember avatar Nikki_Phenomena

At least we don't see Finn in there. How awkward would that be.

Cierra Hinton

How is it too upbeat? It's a montage of last season clips...

Rosalyn McClenon

They have to move on.... as with any death. Its better than the whole show being cancelled


Sue Johnson

It's only shots of last season. The 2 Beatles tribute has been planned for a long time. Cory wasn't in the last 2 episodes of last season so maybe they are having him away some where and that is where he dies. I don't hold out much hope since now Heather Morris and Amber Riley are leaving. I love Lea and Chris but I don't know if they can hold the show together.


Tina Goff

It's all clips from last season.  It's because they have no idea what to do with the show now.  The only characters they really bothered to give any time to were Finn and Rachel and Kurt and Blaine.  After Cory passed away they have hit a brick wall.  They have the two Beatles episodes then the tribute to Cory, and after that they have no plans yet.  It's sad to say, but if they had bothered giving any of the other characters more than a passing glance of a story line they wouldn't be in this much of a predicament.  Any serious story lines the other characters could have had was always wrapped up by the end of the episode, drug out to a sputtering, pointless ending (catfish anyone?)  Or turned into an offensive joke.  (Molestation? "Cool man, You got some when you were 11!!!)  All these other characters were just left to float around, and be filler between the Finchel and Klaine scenes.  

Emily Newton

@Tina they have given others a story line! look at season 3, santana coming out was a HUGE plot line. and this past season Marley and Tina had huge story lines. as an avid glee fan i know that Ryan and his crew will find a great way to continue the show. and they are takeing the hiatus because Cory died not because they hit a wall. Yes they do have to rework some stuff but they havent completely run out of ideas. especially since they have allegedly signed on for a 5th season,\. And about the "offensive" things. THATS HOW HIGH SCHOOLERS ARE! trust me. i know first hand

Tina Goff

I never said they were taking a break because the didn't know where to go with the show. It's a fact that they don't know where to go with the show and have had to do extensive rewrites and brainstorming sessions to figure out where the show is going to go with out Finn. The break is the same break that happens every year for sports on Fox. Santana was outed against her will by Finn. Marley is kind of a wet blanket. What are her story lines? Oh yes, thinking she's fat (how dumb is she not to realize the only clothes not fitting is her costume?) Feeling drawn to two boys (twilight rip off) Tina liking Blaine could have been a great story line, but they turned her into a creeper (vapo-rape) then they wouldn't let go of that vapo joke. She stood up for herself, then fell right back into being a forgotten character. Yes, they are acting like teens and saying or doing things that are stupid. However, the PRESENTATION of those actions is what's offensive. The things that are presented in a way that makes them seem ok or justified. Finn was actually a character that I found really problematic. He did mean things and the audience was supposed to love him like some 'cute goof'. He called Kurt a fag, outed Santana against her will, almost convinced Rachel to give up her New York dream, saying 'End Game' was supposed to be romantic but comes off as stalking (basically tells her she doesn't have a choice, it's him or no one) and much more.

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