Robert Pattinson Attacks a Security Guard -- Wait 'Til You See This! (VIDEO)

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Robert PattinsonHe's never really struck me as the violent type, but after seeing a video of Robert Pattinson grabbing a security guard's face and pushing him -- it's clear that he has some stored up aggression that obviously needed to be released.

As you will see in the clip, Rob got a hold of the guy while exiting the Troubador club on Friday night. I guess it's safe to assume he got a little annoyed at the crew of paparazzi who were waiting to take pictures of him as he headed towards his car. All of a sudden he reached out and pushed the dude, who he apparently thought was one of the obnoxious photographers, not someone who was trying to protect him.

Ready to see the video? Here it is.

Yikes! Didn't he have a look of madness on his face when he went after that guy? I mean, Rob's smile is usually really sweet and sexy, but there was definitely something devilish about it this time around.

And I know he probably gets so sick and tired of constantly having cameras flashing in his face and just snapped in this particular moment, but you still have to wonder if he's harboring some sort of negativity that made him act in such an uncharacteristic manner.

Could it be that he's still upset over his breakup with Kristen Stewart, which has made him more angry than usual? Or did he accidentally mistaken the guy for Rupert Sanders? Or maybe he'd honestly just had enough of the added attention that goes along with his A-list celebrity status and figured he'd teach one of the paps (who turned out to be anything but) a lesson?

Whatever the case, Rob should probably make a mental note to keep his cool upon exiting clubs from here on out. It would be such a shame for him to gain a reputation as an out-of-control a**hole.

Why do you think Rob pushed this guy?


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Lorie Pack Wilcher

Poor Rob, that's sad that you have to be treated like that. The look on Robs face sitting there in the car while people are taking pics 2inches from his face is so sad......leave the poor guy alone!

nonmember avatar Maria

He made a mistake, which was kind of understandable, but still getting physical isn't okay. And stop dragging KStew into this, seriously. They've been over for months. I'm not a fan of Kstew, but I find blaming her or insinuating she's to blame for him making a mistake is ridiculous.

Mari Tan

He will attack that security againt for not doing a good job.

nonmember avatar Linda

Imagine having cameras shoved in your face constantly, too bad he shoved the wrong guy.

Lori Reynolds are blowing this all out of clearly looks to me that he knows this person, and has a malicious grin on his hes playing with the guy because he knows him.  Did you think maybe it was a plot to get attention from the media.


nonmember avatar Jaime

I agree with Lori and I was about to say the same thing. He looks playful and targeted the one guy in particular. It looks like he knows him and was just goofing off. He has a completely different and annoyed look in the car when people were taking pictures non-stop.

Michelle Riley

Well, first of all he's coming out of a bar, so he's probably drunk. His face doesn't look devilish or crazy. He looks plain drunk to me. Yet I don't condom the action I think he was just acting in drunken state. Then again even though we can't hear what the paparazzi who's to say if he didn't do or say something rude to him. Paparazzi's are such pain in the ass and more than often like to provoke celebrities to get a shot of them in a rage and then they want to act like the victims. It's truly clear that the victims here are the celebrities.

Jennifer Brown

If he doesn't like move some where else get a real job.


Christy Pellicano

except you forgot to mention the paparazzi throwing out homophobic slurs more than once (RF*g) and Rob being a warm blooded human being had a reflex reaction to it...after five years of harassment, he has NEVER retaliated, even when they go as far as threatening to rape his sisters and mother...what these "photographers" will do to get a reaction is horrible, and they are stepping it up since Rob never gives them what they want...the story here is NOT the "face smush" (the security guard even defended him about it), the story is the hate crime that was committed and the lengths these bottom feeders will go to...try that as your headline next time

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