Ian Somerhalder's 'Marriage Proposal' Is Exactly Why He Should Play Christian Grey

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ian somerhalderWedding planners, dust off your finest sample bouquets! Looks like Fifty Shades of Grey hopeful Ian Somerhalder may be walking down the aisle some time in the near future. A fan proposed to the Vampire Diaries actor recently on Instagram, and ... okay, Ian Somerhalder is definitely not getting married any time soon. But his reaction to the joking-but-totally-serious proposal was quite adorable. And even if he did accept the proposal, there wouldn't be a wedding anyway, because I'm pretty sure the fan died shortly after reading Ian's response.

Emotionally, you guys. Not physically. Christ, that would be awful.

Instagram user emanohar24 wrote: "How about we get married @iansomerhalder sorry my proposal isn't more romantic." To which Ian replied: "Marriage proposal -- I think it's plenty romantic. Proposal on Instagram is more than sufficient :)" Ian then posted the exchange on his Twitter account, and that's when I'm assuming a funeral service was held for emanohar24's emotions. RIP, feelings.

The fact that Ian responded to this Ian-obsessed person is pretty damn cool. This is the stuff fangirl dreams are made of right here. I'm sure this gal wrote her marriage proposal message, thinking Ian would never read it. But lo and behold, not only did he read it, he responded to it.

Hopefully, emanahor24 is a smart and sane enough person to know that there aren't going to be any vows exchanged between the two of them any time in the near future. Dude was just joshing her. But she may want to take a screenshot of Ian's screenshot and put it in an album. Her grandkids are going to want to see this someday.

Would you die if Ian Somerhalder responded to your message?


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nonmember avatar Stop.

No one, and I mean NO ONE should play Christian Grey, because there shouldn't even be a 'Fifty shades of grey' movie. It is a book offensive to literature, and although I am aware that film industry has much lower standards than the book readers, we still shouldn't make stories such as this one accessible to young people, it's a bad example. Why would we want young girls to fantasize about living in an abusive relationship? Jeez, I thought this website was run by family oriented people.

Elizabeth Emerson

I think that he would be perfect for Christian Grey. The book might be all though thing to you but fan love them. I think it a smart move to make it a movie because the book is such a hit.

nonmember avatar Seriously?

this is for STOP... You need to understand that the book is FICTION! Children need to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. Furthermore children shouldn't be reading 50 Shades or seeing the movie. Parents need to be parents and teach their children right and pay attention to what their children are doing. These books are for adult women who know the difference between fantasy and reality. Im 100% positive that the readers aren't teaching their daughters to be in abusive relationships. What exactly do you find abusive about these books? These books cater to sexual fetishes and sexual fantasies. Not abuse. You need to learn the difference. Dominance is NOT abuse. Both partners agree on the dominance. You need to learn about what you are talking about because you make yourself look stupid. Please don't post anymore until you understand what you are talking about..smh some people.

Christi Dowers

Everyone has an a opinion. If you don't like fine your CHOICE! As far as children seeing these get real. That is your job as parent to monitor what YOUR children watch. He'll my kids still haven't watched any of the Twilight saga (my choice as a parent). Don't get on a high horse and tell everyone what they should watch, read, or how to basically raise their children; because you don't like it. 

On another note I would love to see Ian play the part, and (personally) liked to see Scarlett Joehannon play Ana. Good luck to all.


Melissa L Lovell

no i would love to pick his brain for just a minute or so he is such a visonary for our future it would blow my mind to hear his thoughts on life

nonmember avatar Cherry

He is always sweet to his fans. He knows how to be grateful, and humble for his success. I love how he plays with his fans...it's awesome. Not many famous people do that nowadays.

OfCourse ItsNancy

Imagine if that poor girl bought a dress haha O_O Ian's response is so cute! lol

Yenin Perez

Oh I love Ian :) He is soooo adorable, cute cute cute ^_^

Now At: Seriously? and Christi Dowers

Very very well responded!! I was about to answer to "Stop", because there are nosey haters being opinionated all the time. But I see you guys did a really good job there ;) I'm getting a bit tired of people talking sh** about the trilogy, really, u_u just get over it already. Stop trying to impose your preferences to others, and realize that everyonne has the right to read and like whatever makes them happy.

Greetings for the FiftyShades & Ian fans ;)


PS.: YES I would have totally died if he have had answered me like that, I think I would have stalked him too until tripping to reality's wall :p lol :3

Stacy Montamble Lott

I would totally DIE! It would make my year if Ian responded to any kind of proposal from me ;)

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