Lindsay Lohan's Interview With Oprah: 8 Mind-Blowing Moments

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Lindsay LohanFour days out of her sixth rehab stay, The Canyons star Lindsay Lohan stopped by to chat with Oprah Winfrey for her show Next Chapter. Where else would you go, right? Lindsay looked better than she has in a long time. Her skin was glowing. She's back to her red hair (goodbye to that godawful platinum). And whoever did her makeup did a really good job! That said, Linds was there to purge her demons. Confession is good for the soul. And Oprah is a celeb's favorite confessional. She's the high priestess of celebrity-gone-wrong atonement. So what did Lindsay have to say? Let's get to it, shall we. Here are eight watercooler moments from the interview.

1. Her jail sentence. Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in jail back in 2010. Although Linds said this wasn't her full wake-up call, it was like a half wake-up call. Kind of like when the phone rings and you hear it, but you're really sleepy, and so you only half wake up, and then you roll over and go back to sleep. Only Lindsay rolled over and then went back to party. "I was terrified," says Linds of her time in the clink. "But not terrified enough to stop what you were doing?" asked Oprah. "No," said Lindsay. She also added that, subconsciously, she "wanted" to go to jail. Just to "get some peace." Dang, life must be rough when jail seems like a good way to relax.

2. Lindsay is an addict. Oprah came right out and asked if Lindsay was an addict and she said, "Yeah." So that's settled.

3. Lindsay is addicted to alcohol. Asked her drug of choice, LiLo said alcohol. Though she admits that she wouldn't have turned down a nice Adderall/cocaine/martini cocktail. But that's all in the past.

4. Why this time is different. Sixth time is the charm for Lindsay. She's now feeling "spiritual" and "ready to get honest." She is also "exhausted by the chaos." She'd also like to get back to something close to the proximity of the acting respect she used to enjoy. But, you know, one day at a time ...

5. Lindsay blew all of her money. At one point, Linds was making $7 million a film. She has no idea where it went. I assure you I don't have it.

6. Her parents. Lindsay says she is still very close with her parents, Michael and Dina, despite all of the dysfunction and drama they caused her. "I hate what a bad rap people give my parents," she said. "But I've asked that they keep our life private, please." Hear that, Michael? No more selling your private phone calls with your daughter, 'kay?

7. Lindsay knows she could be dead. Lindsay acknowledged that her lifestyle could have ended tragically, as it has for so many others. "I've got some serious guardian angels," she said. True, but guardian angels get worn out too. No one should count on them for too long.

8. Lindsay won't be going to Europe thanks to Oprah "Buzzkill" Winfrey. When Lindsay's plans to head to Europe for a yoga and meditation retreat leaked to Oprah, she basically forbade Linds to go, worried it would topple her resolve to not party. Because, you know, there's so much partying in those darn meditation retreats! Those stinkin' monks are always getting wasted! Anyway, two days after the interview, LiLo cancelled her trip. Oprah Winfrey: World Mother.

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So, that's a wrap, folks. Lindsay sounds like she's serious this time. Lindsay is no dummy and she's got a certain vulnerability about her that makes you root for her. Her insistence that she wanted to be back on top of her career again was a little unsettling -- career success is not the gateway to serenity. But we shall see what happens.

As Oprah said to Lindsay, "I want you to win." I think we'd all like her to win. But sometimes the only way to win is not to play.

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nonmember avatar sandy

I have not been a fan or supporter of Lindsay, I admit. I would love to believe her, but in my opinion, she is still far from trustworthy. We have seen this before, and we have even heard her say: "This time is different; I wasn't being honest last time." Maybe this is the one, the true point of change: maybe not. I can not help but think that Lindsay is only more wily about how to manipulate people to give her the benefit of the doubt. I do not like feeling cynical, but neither do I like feeling duped. If Lindsay can stay out of clubs, away from idiotic fracas, and be quiet and self-contained for a year, then maybe she stands a chance.

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

I wish her all the best. I'm a firm believer in redemption, second chances, and hope.

Baile... Bailey8307

It must be hard to grow up in the public eye. Obviously she's made a lot of mistakes, but it seems like people just love to hate her. It must make it that much harder for her to give up her old coping mechanisms. I think she looks great and hope she stays sober this time,  but even if she doesn't she's still a person. Imagine having your every move criticized by millions.

nonmember avatar Emily

What happened to her boobs?

tuscani tuscani

Agreed.. and why are they down to her waist!?!... She's blowing smoke.. As much as I want to believe her and as much as I believe she is being sincere...It's not going to happen.

Ehired Ehired

Things could definitely be looking up for Lindsay, Dot Com employment Giant E-HIRED is attempting to contact Lohan to possibly negotiate a rumored seven figure endorsement deal with the former Disney star to act as a spokesperson for the latest website to experience explosive growth. The advertising campaign is intended to be similar in nature to the very successful GoDaddy marking campaign featuring Danica Patrick.

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