'True Blood' Season Finale Recap: Has Our Worst Nightmare Come True?! (VIDEO)

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eric northmanHere's what I can't deal with: ANYTHING. Sorry, I'm just a shell of a human being right now, because the True Blood season 6 finale pretty much destroyed me. So, I'm just gonna go curl up into a ball and die. Talk amongst yourselves. *Shudder* *Sob*

Sorry, sorry. I'll pull it together long enough to talk about the horrors of this evening's True Blood -- maybe I'll even manage to pull some small shred of hope from the very bottom of my tortured soul and decide to get out of bed tomorrow morning. MAYBE!! But I can't say for sure, because a horrible, horrible sight is burned into my eyes ...

And that sight (as you most likely know) is the sight of Eric Northman bursting into flames!!! (Made only slightly less horrible by the split-second glimpse of Full-Frontal Alexander Skarsgard!) Now, granted, we don't know for sure sure sure if Eric is dead ... long story short, when Warlow SPOILER died, apparently all the Lilith blood that was allowing the vamps to daywalk dried up altogether and Eric, who just happened to be in Sweden (oh, you cheeky Skarsgard!!) reading naked in the snow (oh, you cheeky Skarsgard!), didn't know the half of it, and so he spontaneously combusted. Naked in the snow. Still, I refuse to believe we've seen the last of him! True Blood writers ain't no fools!! They've gotta know how many viewers they'll lose if ASkars goes!! (All of them, is my guess. Not to mention Meryl Streep.)

Anyway. Does anything else even matter?? Not really, but I guess there were a couple of other noteworthy developments: Sookie & Alcide are a couple at last!! Sam is Mayor of Bon Temps! Tara's mom feels bad for being a crappy mom! New threat to the entire cast: Vampire/Zombies!!!

Check out this behind-the-scenes clip for more on naked Eric in the snow:

Do you think Eric is really dead?

Image via HBO

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First... FirstTimeMama21

Eric isn't dead until there is a pile of goo. The writer's always end the season with a bang. And why was there no Alcide sex scene?! What a bummer!

nonmember avatar krelia

Kill a potentially awesome storyline in Warlow: Check, Leave Erics death Ambiguous: Check, Create Vampire Zombies: Check.

Terrible season finale in my opinion :(

nonmember avatar Skipp

If Tara didn't get killed from being blown to pieces Eric surely is not going to die....I am pretty sure pam will come to the rescue some how

nonmember avatar ItsAmmie

I don't think that it's the last of Eric, Willa would have known if he would have died. I also think that Tara's mom is a carrier of Hep-V.

Rinacres Rinacres

I am pretty sure Tara's mom is a carrier of Hep V and invited Tara to feed from her just so she could make sure the 'Devil' is out of her daughter for good.  As for Eric, i am sure he was smart enough to bury himself in the snow.

Bellum Bellum

Omg, you guys!  I didn't even think about Tara's mom being a potential carrier!  I wanted Tara to just walk away, but deep down she  wanted love from her mom.  And I agree, Warlow's death was very premature, and anti-climatic. 

Renee... ReneeN1979

All I care about is: There damn well BETTER be some flashbacks to how Sookie and Alcide hooked up. Did he ask her out? Was there another Pina Colada song? Did they film anything cute, such as Sookie cutting his hair off? 

I was cheated, and I'm pretty fucking pissed about it.

Stephanie Petersen

No way! Pam is out looking for him. I'm concerned Tara's mother will have "hep V" though. I have a sinking feeling the relationship cannot be healed and truly I wouldn't put it past the mean ol' bat to do it as a "mercy kill".

Blues... Blueshark77

ERIC!!!! I seriously doubt they killed him off, but it sucks having to wait to find out what happened. I also didn't think about Tara's mom being a carrier. Poor Tara, she should know better than to trust her mom.

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