'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim Kardashian Has a Creepy Obsession With Kylie Jenner

keeping up with the kardashiansIt's totally normal for people to look back fondly on their younger years, but tonight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim showed that she's completely stuck in the past. Right off the bat she admits she's obsessed with her younger sister Kylie Jenner and wants to dress just like her. Well, that's a little bit creepy.

During a clothing design meeting with Khloe and Kourtney, Kim spends the entire time talking about how cool Kylie is, and it's obvious that her sisters are weirded out by her eagerness to mimic their baby sister's style. She's basically been stalking Kylie's tumblr, and says that she wants to be featured on it because Kylie is, like, totally "the real deal." With a deadpan stare, Khloe responds by saying, "She's 15." EXACTLY, Khloe. Kylie is only 15. Why is Kim trying to be like a 15-year-old girl?

At first, I completely related to Kim wanting be cool like her younger sister. My little sister has a great sense of style, and I always look to her for inspiration. But the problem with Kim's fascination with Kylie's "coolness" is that it's verging on being an unhealthy obsession.

It's as if she thinks that everyone is going to forget about her if she can't keep up with the times. She says a bunch of things that show how obsessed she is with being cool.

I just want to see what the young crowd is about.

I want Kylie to remember that I have cool style and cool taste.

I just want to be cool again.

Ummmm, hello, does the way Kim's acting sound familiar to anyone? She's totally jumping on the Kris Jenner train and trying to act way younger than she is. Like mother, like daughter, amiright?

At one point, Kim walks into a room wearing a beanie and a chambray button-up, which 15-year-old Kylie can pull off, but a very pregnant Kim cannot. Kris sees her and immediately calls her out for trying to look like Kylie. Kris says, "You made fun of me for being the 'fourth sister' and for not acting my age, and you come in here looking like the 'third younger sister.'" Snap, Kris. You tell her who's boss.

There's nothing wrong with trying to stay in style, but it's concerning that Kim's desire to be cool is taking over her life. She should own who she is and not try and dress like a teenager. Hopefully Kim can learn to love herself for who she is and accept her age in a graceful way.

What do you think of Kim's obsession with her younger sister?


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nonmember avatar Bx Latina Mum

Most women are genuine during pregnancy and value what is important. Kim's obsession with "being cool" reminded me of Marsha Brady and was equally as outdated as she is. Her pregnancy style proved that she is incapable of evolving and her desire to copy Kylie showed her lack of originality. Overall, being shallow is NOT cool Kim!

nonmember avatar greeniz

It cracked me up when she tried to say Kylie was wearing her clothes on the red carpet and even went to her closet to take her clothes back. Ok, there is no way even before she became pregnant that her clothes would fit Kylie. Kim is very curvaceous and Kylie is not in anyway as curvy. That skirt would have never fit Kim. It is a bit much to want to be like a sister who is more than half your age. Time be an adult new Mommy!

Christine Chapman Myers

i think it's completely normal after having a child to worry that you're not as attractive as you once were or you're getting old etc.  just because she is a Kardashian doesn't mean she's not a normal woman with absolutely normal emotions and feelings.  give the girl a break for crying out loud!!

nonmember avatar sandy

Other than Khloe, who I think is a pretty cool chick, I have not been that interested in the goings-on of the Kardashian clan. I can honestly say, though, that Kim's behavior and comments during her pregnancy (and now as a new mom) have actually made me feel kind of sad for her: Clearly she is having a hard time integrating all of the changes in her life during and since Kris Humphries. In my opinion, that marriage and bitter divorce are part of her current downward spiral. Can you imagine proclaiming your love, excitedly getting married, quickly realizing your mistake, and filing for divorce, all within less than three months? And then just as quickly finding romance and comfort with an old friend (Kanye), only to become pregnant for the first time, while still technically married? All of it in full public view! Talk about pressure--man. SO it makes sense that she desperately would try to hang on to a time when she felt confident and cool: Those memories are her lifeline right now, and if they get her through this rough patch, then let her have 'em.

Kate Cooley

Because she's never grown up. She's a spoiled idiot who got famous on the coattails of her father and the fact that she let guys plow her on tape.

And someone tell Kris Jenner to shut up. Where does she think Kim got it from? This obsessive desire/need to be young beyond your time is pathetic.

nonmember avatar Faith

Agrees with Kate's comment

memas memas

Poor pathetic Kimhoo stich to what u know best, PRON...

nonmember avatar erin

I think its really obvious that she is just trying to boost Kylie's fame. She even claimed Kayne has the same obsession with Kylie saying he shows pictures of album covers and asks Kim to get Kylie's approval. The way she talks about her excessively seems totally fake. This isn't the first time the Kim has been completely fake on the show. If you go back and watch the episode they go to Greece, Brody says "I'm feeling North, North West." Then Kim comes out and starts talking about how she wants to name her baby Easton and they decided on that name for the baby. Well I think we all know how that story ends.

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