'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Melissa Gorga Cheating Rumors Turn Into a Big Hairy Mess

Joe and Melissa GorgaJust when it looked like it was all peace and light with the RHONJ crew, tonight we saw that nothing has really changed all that much when it comes to the feud between Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice. Though they both said sorry and hugged it out, neither of them trusts the other. Of course, neither seems all that trustworthy, so there's that too.

With Melissa's book on finding your true love coming out, she was all sorts of bent out of shape that someone had been planting rumors that she'd cheated on Joe. She immediately suspected Teresa had something to do with it, and although she didn't come out and accuse her of it, she implied it as heavily as she applies her eye shadow.

Teresa was bound and determined to prove her innocence ... a little too bound and determined though.

Teresa invited Melissa to her hair product line launch and was adamant that she confront Penny and Jan (the women who had been spreading rumors about her) there. She promised to have her back and said this was her opportunity.

Only when Jan confronted Melissa, Teresa just stood there blinking her eyes the whole time. Jan went off on Melissa and accused her again of getting together with her ex. Not a bit of back covering from Tre there.

Then Penny came up, and Melissa couldn't get a straight answer out of her when she asked who was asking all these questions about her. It was partly because Teresa kept interrupting her to make sure she cleared Teresa's name. No, she and Penny aren't friends. No, she'd never met Angelo before he confronted Melissa about dancing at his club. Nope, none of it had anything to do with Teresa. Smug, satisfied, and vindicated, Teresa skipped off ... though not before Penny left. She wasn't about to leave her and Melissa alone together.

The Gorgas weren't convinced of Teresa's innocence at all. In fact, her little production may have done more harm than good. "I don’t feel like I’m getting the whole truth," Joe said. "Teresa’s trying too hard to make herself look innocent." 

Melissa concurred, "Nothing adds up. It just feels like someone’s hands are a little dirty." I'm not a huge Melissa fan, but I agree -- nothing does add up. Someone is pulling the puppet strings, and who else would have a motive other than Teresa? I think it's possible/probable that she has at least something to do with the whole thing. Of course, it also wouldn't surprise me at all if some of the rumors about Melissa are true.

Next week it looks like the whole gang is off to Arizona for a relaxing spa vacation to celebrate Melissa's birthday. When talking about how nice and healing it will be, Joe Gorga said (in all seriousness), "Everyone gets along on vacation." Ha!

Best moment of the night: Jacqueline Laurita's amazing reunion with her son Nicholas. Tears!

Do you think Teresa is involved in planting these rumors? Do you think Melissa did meet up with her ex?


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nonmember avatar bria

Does Melissa realize she signed up for a tv show? If someone has dirt on you it will surface. Do I think Teresa dug up her past? No. Do I believe when people came out the woods blasting Melissa Teresa asked questions? Of course. I have no idea what Melissa expected Teresa to do when her an Jan were talking. It's not like Jan slapped Melissa or something. On top of that since wen has she had Teresa's back. Melissa came on this show and tried to destroy Teresa. If she really didn't cheat she would not even be looking for back up. Put your big girl pants on Melissa.

bills... billsfan1104

I still think it was Jacqueline. I think people are afraid to admit it was Jacqueline.

Teresa only wanted to clear her name with her brother. Did she go overboard, of course. But they keep blaming her for everything.

I also don't think Melissa is innocent either. I think she did cheat. Because she protests it too much.

Naber Toni

i really do think teresa put those rumors out thats why she kept repeating its not me.

nonmember avatar sheri j

Who really cares if Teresa was "vindicated" in her mind anyway. She still has to contend with a 36 count indictment. Her hands are dirty in so many ways!

Sue Jankowski

Considering T is getting blamed for EVERYTHING I can't blame her for going out of her way to prove her innocence in this.

Patty Ford Tournear

I hate to say it but yes I do. Why is she still hanging out with Kim D? She is a s%&t starter. She needs to back away from her if she wants to start looking innocent. I was just beginning to like to Teresa after 5 seasons, now I am not so sure.

nonmember avatar Cassie

I believe Bravo dug up Melissa 's past. Melissa and Joey need to stop blaming T and they also need to stop trying to tell her who she can't hang out with. Melissa hangs out with people who talk trash on T all the time but u don't see T monitoring Melissa's buddys. And poor Joey he desperately wants to believe T is behind everything.

Joanne Hester

I don't think Teresa started the rumor, or even had other people start it. I do think she should back away from Kim D she has no good for Melissa  and she not to be trusted. If they want to let the past go,  they both have to help each other to trust one another, Melissa has to quit acting she doesn't want Teresa around, Teresa needs to stay away from people who don't like Melissa and quit listening to gossip. Jacqueline should also stay out of this and her daily talks to Kim D maybe she should stop them too.

Paula Flores

if u remember Teresa said she "first " saw Angelo at the dinner but that was a lie because she met him at the salon with Kim D, so i believe Teresa knows and has said more than she wants Melissa to learn, tre is the bottom of the barrel , if she could break Joe and Melissa up, that would make her day!!

Sandy Schrader

I think Teresa tries her hardest to make people feel down to make herself look good. I think she is extremely unhappy in her own relationship so she wants to make everyone elses suck as well. I believe she is very jealous of her sister in law and would do anything to break Joe & Melissa up. I don't believe for a second that Melissa met up with her ex. I think she's 100% devoted to her husband & kids.

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