Kanye West Avoids Felony for Paparazzi Scuffle But He Could Still Be in Trouble (VIDEO)

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Kanye WestKanye West and Kim Kardashian got a piece of news they've been waiting for since July. The rapper and new father will not be facing felony charges for one of his (many) scuffles with paparazzi -- this one last month at the Los Angeles airport when he was caught on video lunging at the cameras.


Turns out the DA's office took into account Kanye's clean record and the fact that no weapon was used before deciding not to prosecute.

But all is not perfect in Kimye-land. The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office may not be interested in pursuing felony charges, but baby North West's daddy may still have to pay the piper for snapping at the paps.

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The case is now in the hands of the city attorney's office, which has the option to hit Kanye with misdemeanor charges in the case. 

The irony of Kanye's legal trouble in the case is not lost on anyone who listened to the video of the incident. Kanye was heard saying to the photographer in question that he (the photographer) was just trying to get Kanye in trouble, baiting him so the rapper would have to pay big money for hurting him ... seconds later, the video shows Kanye moving in on the cameraman. Check out below:



Do you think Kanye should be charged?


Image via TMZ

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Yolie Scott

Even if he had committed a felony, he still would not have been charged. It seems all celebrities are above the law - what shame.

Sonjia Carter

AMEN !!!  why is it that All these people think they should be above the law ?  who died and made them GOD'S ?   THis is not the first time he thinks he can do whatever he wishes. What about the awards when he pushed taylor swift out of the way cause he thought Beonce deserved it.  GOTTA ASK him HEY IDIOT who made you GOD ??????   You are as bad of an IDIOT AS Micheal Jackson was, that's right cause see anyone who disrespects others so they can claim a moment  (which is not theirs to begin with ) is an IDIOT  to me so you fit buster.  Are ya proud of yourself ???  how about letting your children grow up the same way yup I would love to say the same to them if you make them IDIOTS too.  You deserve Jail as a matter of fact I believe You would deserve to go to prison, Yep it might just do you some good.  You might just get humble and realize you are NOT Above ANYONE.


Jaye K Burkhart

yes, he should be charged. Guess the camerman got what he was after. he was "Baiting" him after all! lol

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