sister wivesOkay, so the name of tonight's episode of Sister Wives is "A Christmas Surprise." You got that? A. Christmas. Surprise. Not "A Christmas Miracle." Not "All I Want for Christmas Is My 2 Front Teeth" (although, that would be appropriate, but more on that in a minute). No, tonight is all about "A Christmas Surprise." Which, of course, begs the question: WHAT'S THE SURPRISE??

"I have some thoughts. See, the official episode synopsis reads: "The Browns celebrate Christmas a week later to give everyone time to move into the new houses. Meanwhile, Kody challenges his wives to a contest; and Robyn has a special gift for Kody."

UH-OH. A "special gift," eh??

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?? Baby #4,578?? (Okay, I think we'd only actually be at 18, but still.)

That would be the most interesting option, naturally -- so, probably that WON'T be the surprise. Maybe Robyn will dres up like a slutty elf and do a little dance! SURPRISE!!! Ha, no. Probably the surprise will be something about the week-late Christmas (surprise, Christmas is already over but here's your presents!) or maybe something about Meri's apparent talents as a tooth-puller. Mmm-hmm. That's right. Meri sure is good at pulling out teeth, it turns out -- so good that she's the only mom the kids trust to do their at-home dental work. Perhaps she's missed her calling?? I mean, I could totally see Meri rocking her sh*t as a dental hygienist. Couldn't you?? Wearing herself some scrubs and those white shoes?? 

You'll see what I mean in the clip below. But for now, what do you think ...

What will the the "Christmas Surprise" be on tonight's episode of Sister Wives

Image via TLC