Dead 'That '70s Show' Star Lisa Robin Kelly's Ex-Husband Has Harsh Words for Her Boyfriend

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Poor Lisa Robin Kelly. Fans of That '70s Show were shocked to hear that the actress, who once played Topher Grace's older sister, Laurie Forman, died from cardiac arrest on Wednesday. She had long been battling drug and alcohol addiction, and her depressing train of mugshots, showing her more and more disheveled and distressed with each one, was a huge red flag about how much trouble she was in. But she had recently checked into a rehab facility, and her agent said that she was determined to slay her demons once and for all. The drug and alcohol demon is incredibly difficult to slay -- but so is the bad partner demon. And Lisa looks like she may have had that too.

Lisa had been married to Robert Gilliam, but they got divorced last year. It sounds like the polar opposite of a healthy relationship. Both of them had been arrested for assault on each other -- a mere month after getting married. And Gilliam was eventually jailed on assault charges for battering Lisa.

But apparently the two were still in contact. Lisa's new boyfriend even went so far as to blame Lisa's drinking relapse on her ex-husband -- saying they had gotten into a huge fight over That '70s Show residuals.

But TMZ is reporting that Gilliam is blaming Lisa's recent troubles on her new boyfriend. It was the boyfriend who helped Lisa check into a California rehab facility on Monday, but according to Gilliam, she really wanted to get away from him. Gilliam reportedly told TMZ:

He's trying to cover his own ass. In the last two weeks, she called me 22 times to get away from him.

Gilliam says he offered to help rescue her, but only if she checked into a rehab facility close to where HE lived, in North Carolina. She apparently agreed and Gilliam was working to get her out when she unexpectedly died.

The boyfriend says these claims are untrue and that it was years of abuse at the hands of Gilliam that caused Lisa's drinking demons.

Who knows what the truth is here, but one thing is for sure: Lisa may have been better off being single. Someone with alcohol issues can easily be triggered by stress and these relationships are sounding pretty stressful.

Do you think relationships can contribute to substance abuse?

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mlg1989 mlg1989

Its sad but unfortunately she is the only one to blame. She did it to herself, you cant help those who do not want it.

nonmember avatar night magic

i think either way its just incredibly sad !!!

Pixie030 Pixie030

She may not have had anyone holding her down and putting drugs and alcohol into her system. But addictions like ones she was battling, and I say battling because she had been fighting them just like this article says in black n white, become a disease as diabilitating as severe depression, which unfortunately usually go hand in hand with each other causing many celebs and regular working joe's deaths. History and many peoples lives have proven this time and sadly time again, and unfortunately what will work to help one fight it will not help them all.

reind... reindeer-c

I am so sad to see a young woman die because of issues she was having mentally. It is very tragic because she was in a place where people could help her overcome her demons. My heart breaks for her family and friends.

Marrie Rozene Whiting

Of course a bad relationship can contribute to substance abuse problems. Some people are terrible for each other. The ONLY person who can get and stay sober though is one's self. No one else can do it for you. Other people can inspire you, or drag you down, but the responsibility is on you to take care of your own body and mind.

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