New 'DWTS' Casting Rumor All but Confirmed by Co-Host Brooke Burke (VIDEO)

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Brooke Burke

Ugh. Waiting until September 4 to hear who will be part of the Dancing With the Stars season 17 cast is really starting to get tough! I guess it's fun to have a little mystery involved so we're surprised when the announcement finally comes -- but it would be nice to have a few hints beforehand, right?

Well, we may have a little bit of extra insight after listening to DWTS co-host Brooke Burke's comments about casting rumors that are floating around. She may have given away one name we haven't yet heard pop up as a possibility. (At least I haven't heard it.)

Brooke sat down to chat with KTLA, and while she indicated that she doesn't know who is and is not on the cast list just yet -- her reactions to a few potential contestants were pretty interesting.

First of all, she's just as excited and surprised about either (or both?) John Stamos and Jamie Lee Curtis possibly taking a spin around the dance floor. Earlier this week, HuffPo's Megan Griffo tweeted out something about a yogurt spokesperson being the new DWTS star -- which is how both of their names entered the picture. As of now, neither one of them is confirmed to be part of the cast, but it's definitely a possibility.

But then the KTLA dude asked her about Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms, and she started smiling and said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, could be."

Check it out.

Um, way to let the cat out of the bag, Brooke. Abby has to be a cast member; otherwise, she probably would've said something more along the lines of, "I don't know, I guess it's possible?"

And there you have it. She's pumped but not sure about Stamos and Jamie Lee -- but it looks like Abby is probably a safe bet. Hmm. Wonder who her partner will be? And who else will make the cut?

September 4 can't get here soon enough.

Do you think Abby Lee Miller is a good addition to the DWTS cast?


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Brenda Bowden

who the heck is Abby Lee Miller.  Sounds like this years show will not be too good.


2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Brenda Bowden Abby Lee Miller is the Reality Star on Dance Moms shes the Dance Teacher who doesn't dance just yells and berates the children in her class. I just can't see her on DWTS. If she is on DWTS she will not last but it will be laughable to watch her

Donna Seaman-Brown

i think she`s the one who teaches young girls to dance.the show is on tlc if thats the one im thinking of. and i would say no


wamom223 wamom223

Personally I would love to watch Abby Miller get ripped apart for her dance skills.  I don't know which is worse how mean she is to kids or that parents pay her to traumatize their kids.

Cindy Sensenig Dobbs

How does she qualify as a "star"?  It is Dancing with the Stars.

Annie Virella

I dont think so. First, she is too obese and second, who will be her partner.

Mary Catherine Neff

Yes add Abby Lee Miller she is perfect for the show even though she belittle her kids she is perfectness I watch Dance Moms all the time and i would like to see what she is working with 


Are any of the people who have been on this show stars? Celebs maybe but stars? No way.

Sherry Hagenson

this is a terrible idea. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. They have to get more interesting people than this nonentity.


Barbara Miner

I would love to see her on the show. Maybe thats why shes been in L A so much......shes would be a hootto watch

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