7 'Real Housewives' Selfies That Are Just Plain Embarrassing (PHOTOS)

melissa gorgaThere's just something inherently funny about selfies. Sure, a person may look great in the photo they just took of themselves, but ... they just took a photo of themselves. And that's kinda weird.

Alas, selfies are the cherry on top of the narcissistic sundae we now call society. And nobody knows more about narcissism than Real Housewives.

Check out 7 of the most hilarious Real Housewives selfies. We love you ladies, but ... seriously?

Image via Melissa Gorga/Instagram

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nonmember avatar namers

Selfies are as silly as the websites they are posted on. Twitter, really? Who cares that someone 'just took a dump'?

nonmember avatar Kimber

I totally agree on the driving pic. Why would you take a picture of yourself driving or even sitting in your car? Ridiculous.

Derek W. Newell


Derek W. Newell

Hello there, will you please view a poem I wrote in reference to the relationship amongst celebrity couples, please go to Google, and type in my name Derek Newell Poet, then my poem, ''EXPRESS IT'. Thank you.

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

I was wonderin something .....  Now that Teresa and her Hubby are in so much trouble with the Law, is her Brother Joe and Miss Melissa there for them in any way sahpe or Form or are they just not there at all for them ( they are family right ).....I hope that it is all forgiven what was ais and all the other Crap that has been going on,  me and my Sister/ Friend we never hold crutches and she alwsays tells me " nobody should ever walk with Mellas in ther Heart aound " and she is right, we have fights and we talk about it and then its all gone, because whe you hold a crutch it is never good for the other person and even worse on you Healthwise too.....So, I Hope to God that they have support from there Family and also there Friends ( Well, Teresa has friends and I really do not know if her Hubby has any real friends ) and I hope that there Kids are doing OK......God Bless you Tersa and I hope you get over this Big Hill soon and live your live the way you suposse to live it not like you been living it , it is time to grow up and take care of your Kids and show them how to live right not showing off what you really do not have.....group hug

Joanne Hester

 I know people mean well but I honestly do not feel that any one has the right to judge Teresa or her husband. When someone is in trouble or has done wrong it is not for us to judge, if they have done something illegal then a judge and the court system will take care of it.  How they conduct their lives with their family and friends on a tv show is not accurate account on what is real. The court stuff real I wish their family the best and I hope the Lord brings them mercy and comfort

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