'RHOBH' Lisa Vanderpump & Ken Todd Involved in Ugly Bar Fight

Lisa VanderpumpIf it's not one brawl it's another when it comes the Real Housewives. Representing Beverly Hills this week is Lisa Vanderpump, who found herself smack in the middle of a gay bar fight.

Okay, it's not quite as juicy as it seems. There were no actual punches thrown, but she and her husband Ken Todd were slapped. Slapped with a lawsuit that is, by two defendants who claim the reality stars unfairly stole the location of their sports-themed gay bar.

According to Us Weekly, Ryan Carrillo and Andrew Gruver say they partnered with producer Elie Samaha, who was going to invest in the restaurant to be called Bar Varsity. Next thing they knew, however, the property was leased by Elie, Freddy Braidy and Edward Fumkes (who are co-defendants) to Lisa and Ken, who plan to open P.U.M.P. Lounge there instead. The plaintiffs say Lisa and Ken knew there were already plans for Bar Varsity and they "intended to disrupt the performance of the agreement."

Maybe they did, maybe they didn't know, but it seems like Lisa and Ken aren't to blame here, but rather the owners who made the decision to lease it to them. They're being sued too, but I fail to see how Ken and Lisa should be involved at all. They don't either, and issued the following statement:

We had no prior knowledge of Ryan Carrillo and Andrew Gruver or their claim. We took the lease in good faith seven months ago and all of our applications and notices have been posted publicly. Any issue will be between them and the property owner.

The plaintiffs are asking for $4 million as well as a restraining order and a preliminary injunction to stop P.U.M.P. Lounge from being developed. Sounds like a big pain ... but also a really good story line for RHOC or Vanderpump Rules. Not quite as good as a real bar fight, but we'll take it.

Do you think Ken and Lisa are at fault here?


Image via Bravo

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littl... littlesuzyfrog

It seems that Elie is really the one who screwed them over.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

I fail to see how these guys can sue anyone over the property, Did they have a signed contract for that property? The Owners least it to someone else doesn't matter who. If you didn't seal the deal with a writen contract then you had no deal you had an idea or plan

surro... surromama

I see it being dropped.

I'm sure you meant RHOBH :)

Barbara Bailey Richardson

No, I don't believe that they are at fault at all. They are well seasoned in the Business and have no reason to "steal" a location from anyone. Now the property owner should have let them know that someone else had shown a great interest in the property but even then without issuing a proper lease, no one is accountable.

These guys likely just saw a way to get their clubs name into the media before opening it "somewhere"

Elisabeth Estrada

Lisa Lisa Lisa That's what happens when you hang out with TRASH Brandie, your class disappears

you were too classy and now your just a piece of TRASH like her how could you lower yourself to be in a situation like this.  Im just in disbelief but since you have a big fan of Brandie the Trailer Trash I not so surprised,  Ken should dumped your English Ass he deserves MUCH BETTER THAN A TRASH DIGGER THAN YOU AND BRANDY  GET YOURSELF TOGETHER WOMAN CHECK YOURSELF OLD BITCH

Donna Lockwood McCool

Like i have said before.there is a gay bar on every corner in that city.We do not need another one.U guys are embarassing all of us.Leave Lisa and Ken alone.I think the judge will throw this case out

Donna Lockwood McCool

Elisabeth Estrada,Lisa is 20 yrs younger than Ken.She dresses like the English woman that she is.I bet you are the rotten old hag.

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