Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Second Baby -- Oh Yeah, We Believe That

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kim kardsashianEver get the feeling tabloids are just making up these stories out of thin air? Like this rumor that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second baby already. OMG, Kim is pulling a Jessica Simpson! Preggers again, obvy. Can you beeleeve? NO, actually, I cannot beeleeve. But please, tabloid magazine, tell us why/how you think Kim is pregnant a whole two months after she gave birth to North.

Life & Style has a blaring headline on its cover: "Barely 8 weeks later ... Baby No. 2 Already!" Wow, an exclamation point! Not even a question mark! That's such a bold and confident statement! Why do I still not believe them!

We're talking about Kim Kardashian, right? The woman who looked swollen and miserable through her entire pregnancy, who complained that it was a lot harder than she thought it would be, who delivered her baby prematurely because of eclampsia. That Kim Kardashian? Malarkey.

I'd be surprised if Kim gets pregnant ever again the rest of her life. She had such a rough time, all those health problems. She also found out how much harder it is to maintain her globe-trotting, platform heel-tottering lifestyle pregnant. And people were so mean about her weight gain! I can't imagine she's in the mood for an encore performance of all that.

Just because she's crazy enough for reality TV doesn't mean she's crazy enough to get knocked up again so soon. Anyway, the odds are against her. Her hormones are probably still adjusting, plus she's supposedly breastfeeding. And how much has Kanye been around, anyway? He's been promoting his new album -- not that there hasn't been time for nookie, but you'd have to be at it all the time, every day in order to beat those odds.

So no. Barely eight weeks later ... Baby #2 IS NOT HAPPENING! For Kim Kardashian! This has been a public service announcement. You may all carry on now with the rest of the day.

Do you think Kim Kardashian will dare to have another baby -- ever?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Todd Vrancic

Pretty sure that her doctors really emphasized that she needed 6 weeks to heal before having intercourse again.  Not saying it's impossible, but if she followed her doctors' orders, it's very unlikely.

nonmember avatar Han

That's not's her sister. HA HA HA

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I had sex 2 weeks after I had both my kids(my first I had a vaginal birth my second was by c section) so anythings possible. I got pregnant with baby #2 three months after my 1st one was born. It happens all the time. I know several girls who went to there 6 week check up and were already pregnant again.

Eliza... ElizabethGracie

Well,my twins are two months old and I found out yesterday that I'm four weeks along,so it's definitely possible although not recommended at all,especially for soeone that had a hard pregnancy.

halba... halbarran

Its possible my sister in law had her daughter may 23, 2008 and she was 5 weeks old when we found out she was 5weeks pregnant with her youngest daughter who was born june 19, 2009

thief... thiefofsheep

idk about kim but, you wouldnt have to be going at it all the time to get prego right away. check your facts!! its easy to get pregnant right away! i did it, got pregnant first time we had sex after my first was born i was breastfeeding and its actully kind of common. a friend of mine had a daughter at the same time i had my first son then we had babies together again ten months later



Short... Shortypapas210

Had Both of My Kids In 2005!!

My Son in Jan 2005 & My Daughter in Dec 2005...

nonmember avatar Okayuhhhh

@halbarran so she was pregnant for a year? That makes sense....

Stacie Ward

I'm sure she will at some point.

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