'Glee' Season 5 Spoilers Give Fans Something to Look Forward To

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Glee Season 5With all of the sadness that surrounds Cory Monteith's death, there hasn't been room for much excitement about the new season of Glee. Still, that doesn't mean that fans aren't looking forward to the return of their favorite McKinley High students (and recent grads). With just over a month left until the season 5 premiere, September 26, information about the first few episodes of the show is making its way onto the Interwebs. And let me tell you, things are sounding pretty fab.

Can't wait until the September premiere to get your Glee fix? Then check out everything we know about season 5, so far:

1. Prepare for some Beatles: We've known for a while now that the first two episodes of season 5 are a two-part tribute to the Beatles. The tribute has been in the works for the past four years. Songs that I'm hoping to hear? "Yesterday" and "All You Need Is Love," for sure. Rumor has it that Blaine has that second one covered for us. (!!!)

2. Kurt and Blaine tying the knot: OK, so that's a little wishful thinking on our end. However, a Glee fan who recently visited the show's set said she saw what maybe could have been an epically staged proposal taking place. You know, one where Blaine asks Kurt to marry him with lots of song and dance. Yeah, yeah, a lot of "maybe" there, but HELLO -- this could be huge.

3. It's carnival time! A fan tweeted a photo from the Glee set decked out like a carnival. Who doesn't love a little cotton candy? Lots of room for fantastic songs at the carnival. Maybe a little Katy Perry "Firework," for starters?

4. Problems ahead: Blake Jenner, who plays Ryder on Glee, recently told Wetpaint that there are some "good teenage problems" ahead in the first two episodes. I'm expecting a little bit of sexual awkwardness, a few-too-many adult beverages, and perhaps some horrible acne to boot.

Are you looking forward to Glee season 5?


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nonmember avatar Poboy

They've already covered Katy Perry's Firework, so that wouldn't be in the carnival but perhaps something else just as epic

Brandy Nicole Martz

i think they are doing what cory would want to go on with the show and good job for keep cory in your heart and the show. NO one every going for get cory every.

Gemma Donaldson

As already stated by someone, Firework has been covered before. As for the teenage problems, if they do the ones that are suggested in the article, they will be rehashing things they have done in earlier seasons.

Bill Geisert

Bring Damian McGinty back !

Sierra Dean

 wow really scary


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