Anastasia Steele Frontrunner Risks Losing '50 Shades' Role by Dating Christian’s Opposite

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linda lovelaceHeyyy, Linda Lovelace has a new boyfriend. It's official: Amanda Seyfried is dating Justin Long. (Crickets.) Justin Long -- you know, he's in, um ... here, let me Google him for us all. Oh yes, he's the guy in those Mac vs. PC ads (he's the Mac). And iSteve, if any of you are familiar? And he was in A Case of You, which no one saw. And he voiced Alvin in Alvin and the Chipmunks. Ooh, here we go! He was dating Drew Barrymore on and off for years.

Sigh. Yeah. Dating Justin Long is going to do NOTHING for Amanda's career. Which means it must be the real deal? Weird! I mean -- how wonderful for her. That's great. I'm just wondering if she's ruining her chances at playing Ana in Fifty Shades.

See, here's the thing. Justin is cute and all, in a boyish kind of way. But he's probably what you'd call a "good person." Doesn't he look like a nice guy? You know, all earnest and sincere. And if he really is that sweet in real life, that bodes well for Amanda's emotional life -- we're real happy for her and all that crap. But he's no Christian Grey.

If Amanda is truly serious about landing the role of Anastasia Steele, she chose well with that Lovelace role. But I'm sorry, that's not enough. She needs to submit her personal life to Fifty Shades as well. She needs to date an older bad boy. That's all there is to it.

Now we have a long list of older bad boys for her to choose from. It doesn't have to be any of the actual actors who are up for the role of Christian. ALTHOUGH now that Ian Somerhalder is single, I think Amanda's best option is quite obvious. They don't even have to date for real -- just be seen standing next to each other a lot. And if we could catch Amanda crying in her car outside Ian's house a couple of times, that would be amazing. Mascara running down her face? Perfect.

Because I really cannot make miracles happen for this girl unless she helps me help her, so --

I'm sorry ... this is so embarrassing. Somehow, Amanda Seyfried's agent has been blogging under my name! I just caught her at my desk. I can't believe what she's saying here. I would never condone dating just for your career! Amanda -- we're real happy for you and all that crap. Date whomever you like. Geez.

What do you think of Amanda Seyfried dating Justin Long?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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keelh... keelhaulrose

So... she should give up a relationship that might (you never know) bring her long-term happiness for a movie? And he's hurting her career?

I think people get too invested in celebrity relationships. The truth is you don't know them personally, and I doubt relationships between two celebrities are easy to start and maintain, so she has to see something in him she likes to be going through this, and it's not up to the public to decide who she should or shouldn't see.

littl... littlesuzyfrog

Yeah, she needs a man to get roles.  And why does there have to be an article everyday about the 50 shades movie?  It's probably not coming out until 2015.  Enough already!

nonmember avatar kychemky

Who cares who she is dating? It's her personal life, so she should be allowed to date and see who she wants. It's no one's business anyway. Leave her alone. if she gets the part, great, if not, then great too. Actors should get their parts based on their talents, not because of who they're dating. Sheesh.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Why are we so focused on what these actors and actresses do with their personal lives? The fact that she has a bf that is serious shouldn't have ANYTHING to do with anyones' view of her or their casting decisions. It's ludicrous that we are so narrow minded and centered around our own gratification of Hollywood and what they should be pumping out for us that it's a little embarrassing. Just do casting calls, and hire the best people for the job. It's just like an interview, except somehow they get a 600% increase in pay. And please, leave their personal lives out of it. It has nothing to do with how they act on screen (or it shouldn't if they are good at their job.).

nonmember avatar Amanalyn

Honestly, this is the worst article. No actor or actress lost a role because of who they are dating. Isn't that why they are actors, because they can act? Amanda Seyfried is an amazing actor and would be able to pull of any role, no matter her personal life. It makes me sad that someone would write an article like this. Possibly because there is nothing else to write about?

Karen Goodwin

I had to comment on the ridiculousness of this article. Acting is portraying a character, not playing out your personal life. Who wrote this, a teenager? No actor has to change their personal life to get a part, they may choose to adopt the whole character in real life but it is not a requirement.

nonmember avatar candy

OMG who gives a shit who she dates? Nobody cares... So what if she dates Justin Long, what the hell does that have to do with her getting a part in a movie? SO now you have to date super famous people to score the best roles, it's not based on talent anymore? So stupid

nonmember avatar Bridget

Who cares!!!! Get on with casting already!!!!!!!!!

Colleen Elwood Leatham



nonmember avatar Victoria

wow. because your personal life means you cant portray a character? um, no. Rob P isnt really a vampire, Taylor L isnt a wearwolf, tom cruise wasnt ever a navy fighter pilot. who you are in real life has nothing to do with what roles you play. i have no intention of seeing this pathetic movie, i read the first 3 chapters of the first book and it made my brain hurt from the stupidity. the characters are not realistic in the least, glamorizing a borderline abusive relationship is not a good thing. dom/sub relationships rarely work out for most people and glamorizing that behavior is dangerous. many people have now been hurt (physically and emotionally) by trying to reinact the book scenerios.

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