Nina Dobrev Gets Flowers From Mystery Man That Will Make Ian Somerhalder Jealous (PHOTO)

flowers nina dobrevChristian Grey's ex-girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, received a surprise gift recently in the form of colorful, fragrant-smelling plants. You may refer to them as "flowers". The Vampire Diaries star posted the photo to Twitter, along with caption, "Waking up to an unexpected sweet surprise. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful day. #smiling."

Unless you have some government-type of zoom feature on your computer, it's hard to make out what the card says, but ... could they be from Ian Somerhalder? My money's on ye-no. But I do think this is the thing that could get these crazy kids back together.

When a lady posts a beautiful bouquet of flowers they've received to Twitter, they're basically saying: "Check me out, yo. Somebody loves me." And if that lady happens to have an ex who follows her on Twitter -- an ex she may or may not still hold a candle for -- said ex is bound to see the bouquet and wonder who it's from.

If Ian wasn't the one who sent Nina these lovely flowers, it's bound to bug him a little bit. Sure, they're broken up and all's fair in love and war, but come on, what red-blooded human wouldn't be a little bit jealous at seeing a gift their (recent) ex received?

I, for one, would love to see these exotic-looking, raven-haired young Hollywoodites back together. They were so damn cute. But if things don't work out, that's cool, too. I know another person Ian might get on well with. I won't give anything away, but I will say she's the author of this blog post.

Do you think Nina's flowers are from Ian?


Image via Nina Dobrev/Twitter

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nonmember avatar KellyK

From Ian? As if. Check the 30-second mark of the video of Derek and Shannon's rumba and you'll see he brought her similar flowers. Not saying they're from Derek but my money is on them not being from Ian.

nonmember avatar Kane

Nah, Ian's a man who doesn't need to impress this child any longer. I expect him to move on very shortly if he hasn't already, and keep it to himself, unlike the Ex who broadcasts every fart.

nonmember avatar Clare

Flowers. I don't think so. Anyone who calls themselves a true Ian Somerhalder fan shouldn't be shipping him with Nina. He's a genuine guy who deserves the "real deal" not someone so obsessed with Hollywood fame they would change their whole image to get noticed and sell themselves, that's just calculating and fake. Good luck to you Mr Derek Hough. I think you might need it.

nonmember avatar Melissa

It's not a romantic bouquet. More like a congratulatory one, maybe for her TCA win or from a friend who might be missing her.
@ Clare
Your genuine guy wanted to do a porn franchise to break into the mainstream cinema. It's another thing he got rejected but trust me he play by Hollywood rules more than Nina. He even worked nude in a TV show to stay relevant. Actors do a lot of things to stay in showbiz. He has dated famous women before anyone knew who he was. For what? His sudden interest in environment in his 30's didn't come out of no where. It's all image baby!

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

LOL Kane seriously what i was just thinking!

nonmember avatar Theresa

Seems obvious the flowers were from Derek. Or else why broadcast it? ;) Coincidentally he received a sweet surprise the next day as well and posted an Instagram pic of it... Good for them. Here's hoping Ian soon moves on to someone truly deserving of him.

@Melissa Many actors in Hollywood were up for the role in Fifty Shades before it was decided they would go the unknown route. So I guess they were all rejected, by your way of thinking.

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