Lindsay Lohan’s First Post-Rehab Selfie Is Sure to Surprise Fans (PHOTOS)

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lindsay lohan
Lindsay, before her stint in rehab.
These days, Lindsay Lohan is better known for her substance abuse issues than for her once-stellar acting ability. It really is a shame how far her star has fallen. Even notables like Ben Affleck are trying to help the poor girl get back on her feet. Well, now that her 90-day stint in rehab is finally over, it seems that Lindsay could be ready for a real comeback. The proof? The recent selfie she posted on Instagram. Read on to see for yourself.

We had gotten so accustomed to seeing the actress look puffy and haggard with straggly hair. She looked more like a 45-year-old than a 20-something. It was obvious to all that something was seriously wrong with her. But now clean and sober, her newfound sobriety shows on her face. Lindsay recently posted this stunning photo for fans and she looks amazing.

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Anyone who takes a look at her "before" and "after" photos can't deny how drugs can ravage the body, even in someone so young. Not only is her skin radiant and glowing, she looks healthy. She added the caption, "#back@work! So grateful today!:)." It's certainly been a long road to recovery for the star. She has been plagued with more legal drama and scandal than any other marquee name in Hollywood. She was given so many second chances and she seemed to just squander them all. People actually began placing bets as to whether her next move would be to jail or a cemetery plot. It was so sad. But this gives everyone hope that she can recoup what she has lost. This is the Lindsay die-hard fans have waited for: fresh-faced and ready to fulfill her potential. Let's just hope she makes it this time.

How do you think Lindsay looks now? Do you think she can stay sober?


Images via Instagram and Splash

lindsay lohan


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cmjaz cmjaz

If she can stay away from her wackadoodle parents, she MIGHT be able to pull a Robert Downey Jr and maybe get the Wonder Woman role or something

nonmember avatar Uexaggerate

You're exaggerating in your comparison of the photos and her "ravaged" look in the first one. I realize you're paid-per-click so you have to sensationalize as much as possible, but the only differences between those photos are lighting, posing, and hair-and-makeup. Grow up.

nonmember avatar Hip

She looks
Ike heather Graham's mom. Old.

candy... candyw210

God you guys are nasty! Oh wait you guys must have been on TV since you were little and had parents that pushed the crazy life of a superstar on you! That's it! Get over yourselves. She is a child actor who had douche bag parents. Her mom was doing drugs right along side of her, so where do you think she got the learned behavior? Before any of you fat asses start judging people for mistakes theyhave made in their life; turn around and look your perfect selves in the mirror because i highly doubt any of you have lives a perfect  life? why don't you stop and think about what this poor girl has gone through that has driven her to this behavior. Sure she has been to rehab multiple times, and finds her way back to drugs, but at least she is getting help. I truly think eventually she will remain sober and lead the fulfilling life she deserves to live.

Lisa8... Lisa8_5_84

Looks amazing, fake hair+all

Lisa8... Lisa8_5_84

All you can do is keep trying, and the fact that she even bothers to 'keep on' is all the proof we need that she's trying. Stop hating+give her some credit! im 50/50 on weather she'll make it...

Logan... LogansMommy0328

I really hope she stays clean and sober and gets back to acting she has such potential and she already proved that as a kid now hopefully she can make her comeback. I enjoyed her movies when I was a kid. Btw you people need to stop bashing her and the writer of this article nobody's perfect and in sure you all are not either you sound like high school children.

mlg1989 mlg1989

Hope she does. do I think she will? Unlikely.

Michelle Hollis

Candyw210, I agree completely. Child stars tend to end up in rehab, with drug issues, with alcohol abuse issues, and so on. I think that while her photo looks good in part because of makeup and lighting, she does look better. I hope she makes it through this and comes out stronger. I grew up watching her and I'd hate to see her get worse again.

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