Desiree Hartsock's Brother Reveals His True Feelings About Chris Siegfried


Des and Chris

The general consensus during Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor was that Desiree Hartsock's brother, Nate Hartsock, is a complete asshat who ruined her chances of having a happy ending with Sean in a matter of a few minutes.

And now that Des is engaged to Chris Siegfried, we're all dying to know whether her judgmental bro approves and whether he thinks they're the real deal.

Well, based on a few comments Nate made about Chris -- it sounds like he likes the dude well enough, but he may not be 100 percent convinced that things will work out.

Actually, I'm not positive Nate is even sure what his feelings are about their engagement -- because there are a few conflicting statements from him floating around.

Nate told Wetpaint:

I'm glad she’s ready to move on from the show and further her life with Chris. All she ever wanted was to have a guy and a family of her own and she's found that. I think Chris is a great guy. His personality is a lot like Des's -- they’re both kindhearted, sweet, tranquil people.

Aww. I smell a bromance brewing.

But then he went on to talk about Des moving to Seattle for Chris, saying:

I'm just surprised because I thought she was a Cali girl for life. But I support her.

Ok, so it sounds like Nate is pretty much on board with Des and Chris being a couple -- but he did bring up an interesting point about her big move to Seattle. The Pacific Northwest and L.A. are two totally different animals, so there's a chance the logistics of their relationship could cause a problem as time goes on. Something tells me Des is going to be pining for sunny California the minute winter hits in Seattle -- just sayin'.

But at least her bro has her back, right?


His Wetpaint interview was all sugary-sweet -- but get a load of what Nate told Life & Style:

It's obvious Des settled for Chris. Desiree went on the show because she wanted to get married so badly and she wanted the family and to have kids. Obviously Chris wasn't her first choice.

Damn. Ouch. Way to throw your sis under the bus, Nate.

All right. I get it. He's happy for Des, but like pretty much everyone else who watched her season of The Bachelorette, he thinks she chose Chris because she didn't want to wind up alone -- even though her heart probably still belongs to Brooks. (That's sad.)

But let's go back to the Seattle thing for a minute. I think I've figured out the perfect way for Des to get her happy ending should things with Chris fall apart.

Why doesn't she swap fiances with Catherine Giudici? Catherine moved from Seattle to L.A. to be with Sean, and Des relocated from L.A. to Seattle for Chris's sake. So maybe Sean and Des should give things another shot and Catherine can head back to Seattle and pair up with Chris and everyone can live happily ever after in the place they truly want to be?

(Just a suggestion.)

Do you think Des will regret moving to Seattle? And do you believe Nate is really happy for her?


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Linda Sullivan

She is a grown woman, her brother needs to but out and get a life!!

Brenda Fendley Colvert

I think Des n Chris will be fine an her brother just likes the attention.

Diane Johnson Messina

nate is really genuinely happy for her as we all are. But he's just not convinced she is in love with him and maybe she is just going to have to figure that out too. I know when it comes to Chris, what's NOT TO LIKE?? He'd be an easy guy to love i think. I just hope when winter hits she is still happy there with him. Because that could be the nail in the coffin.

Melanie Ackerman

I think she is ready to move out of the house and live with Chris I think her brother is an *** in the face

Karen Risdell Guisti

yes she will be happy. she loves chris. and nate should keep his big mouth shut.

nonmember avatar croyston

Des was falling in love with Chris the whole time. If you go look at earlier dates with him she told him in Madeira that she wanted him to meet her parents. She said she could picture a life with him, she said that she was falling in love with him in Madeira and on the overnight date. Also, there always seemed to be more chemistry between them than with her and

But when Brooks left, that option was taken away, so all of a sudden it felt like it had been her only option. Chris was always the better choice: more fun, interesting, creative & "manly", athletic, Romantic and ready to commit. If Brooks had stayed and Des had been able to go through the final process of analyzing and comparing the two, she probably would have chosen Chris. Whatever anyone thinks, its fairly obvious that she loves him as much as he loves her.

Lastly, as far as Chris not watching the entire show - who wants to see a fiance with her ex-boyfriend? No one. Everyone has a past by the time they get engaged, but only people who go on the Bachelor/ette have to go through the bizarre process of seeing their fiance with other people they cared about.

Team Chres all the way.

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