Kim Kardashian, Kanye West & Baby North Go Out & It's Caught on Camera!

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kim kardashianKim Kardashian has left the building. Kim, Kanye, and North West were all spotted together on Wednesday in the parking garage of a Los Angeles medical facility. The new parents, who looked quite adorable and in love, were accompanied by a nanny, and sadly, baby North, who was in a car seat, had a blanket over her.

TMZ managed to snap photos -- lots of photos -- of the new family together, and I've gotta be honest, this is so not what I imagined Kim's big post-baby debut would look like.

She looks ... normal. He looks normal. Together, they look like a normal, in love couple who just had a baby. I was expecting drama, fanfare, maybe a smoke machine or two. Kim looks like a regular ol' lady who just had a baby. The shirt tied around her waist? Classic regular person move!

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You guys, maybe Kim is a changed woman? Maybe Kanye's a changed man! Since they welcomed North, there have been non-stop rumors of how Kim is staying in hiding until she loses all the baby weight, or how her big debut is going to be a 500-page, $2 million spread in Us Weekly. But maybe they were all just that -- rumors.

I couldn't be happier that this is Kim's "big reveal". Sure, we're all still waiting to get a glimpse of the real star -- North -- but for now, this is just perfect. They look happy, average, and they're proving everyone, including myself, wrong.

Are you surprised at Kim's reveal?


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nonmember avatar Tina

Um... Kanye couldn't carry the freaking carseat? Pathetic.

Cooks... Cookster792

They could not even carry their own baby. That baby is just a prop for them in their photo shoots. I have

said that from day one.  Even Kourtney carries her kids from time to time.

hutch... hutchfam2007

Kinda looks like kourtney.. but that could possibly be becase she looks more natural without loads of make up and hair spray. They look happy!

chech... chechimansmama

So the fuck what that they aren't carrying the baby. Its not a big deal. People are always trying to find a reason to criticize.

Kristy Yahola-adams

I didn't even read this story because its about them, but I feel I needed to fucking what? they're out with the baby, big deal.  I cant believe people acutally give a shit about these people and what they are doing

Kerstin Straub

Why do they need a nanny when they are with the baby and constantly at home?Are they standing by and watch while the nanny is taking care of the baby? smh

worki... workingmama86

My question is why can't Kanye or even Kim carry that baby? LOL. Oh to have money, must be nice! 

Nanoo... Nanooksmommy

I love her hair shorter!  She looks natural & healthy :)

nonmember avatar Guest

Where does it state that the parents didn't carry the baby? If its your assumption because a nanny was present, then you don't understand the multiple duties of a nanny...they're not simple baby carriers.

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