'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Are Mama June & Sugar Bear Headed for a Breakup?


mama juneLast week, as the family held a shower in honor of Mama June and Sugar Bear's upcoming wedding, love was clearly in the air. The latest episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, however, was a totally different story. The supposedly happy couple were at each other's throats and Mama even threatens to pull the plug on the ceremony.

June didn't hide the fact that the pressure of planning had her on edge. From the invites to ordering port-a-potties for the yard (she didn't want people messing up her home's "facilities") to the dress shopping, it was turning her life into one big hectic nightmare.

Her kids certainly weren't making things any easier. "I don't think the girls will actually help out a lot," lamented Mama outside a bridal boutique. "They are more about goofing off than anything. Hopefully they don't tear this woman's shop to hell and back."

The shop survived -- but they certainly put their Mama through the ringer. When they hated a gown, they didn't hold back the nasty barbs. In the end, she walked out dress-less. But that seemed to cause her much less stress than Sugar Bear's dancing skills. When the subject of their first dance came up, she complained that he had no rhythm. Then when they tried it out, she insisted on leading. Not surprisingly, the girls convinced them to take a dance class.

But things get tense later in the show when June yells at a sleeping Sugar Bear about getting the yard fixed up before their commitment ceremony. "Get your ass up," she screams. "You ain't done a damn thing to help me with this commitment ceremony and you are the main one who wants it." At one point she even confesses, "It feels more like the end than the beginning. I really don't even want to do it anymore."

It's actually something a lot of couples go through. Weddings are more stressful than people realize when they first get engaged. Initially, they are caught up in the romance of it all -- the proposal, the ring, the dress. But things get infinitely more complicated as the planning process goes on. It causes many tense conversations and even arguments between couples. Mama June and Sugar Bear are certainly no exception. Though, she admits, her outbursts were mostly sparked by nerves. Most brides can certainly relate to that. "I still love her," says a clearly smitten Sugar Bear. "I just hope June shows up on the wedding day."

Do you think Mama was out of line? Was she being too hard on Sugar Bear?

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nonmember avatar Blondee123

No I don't think Mama was too hard on Sugar Bear! This is what he wanted and now all the pressure is on her! He needs to help out more and clean the yard. I also think the kids should be helping , rather than just sitting around farting and laughing!! June needs help and and needs to be assured that everything will go smoothly. Everyone needs to chip in and work together.

nonmember avatar karmah

Stop exaggerating! They aren't gonna split up! I would have had Sugar Bear hung up by a noose by this point. HE wanted this....get up off his lazy ass and help out!

nonmember avatar amystery

don't know why TLC doesn't throw this bash for them--seems like they've done it with many other reality families. It's almost like they want them to be humiliated. I can only watch in small doses.

Shelly Donvig

love them both people mind your own bees wax

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