Gia Allemand's Boyfriend Releases Heartbreaking Statement After Her Apparent Suicide

Gia AllemandIt was Gia Allemand's boyfriend, Ryan Anderson, who reportedly found the beautiful Bachelor star's body hanging in her New Orleans home Monday night. According to TMZ, he discovered her unconscious after an apparent suicide attempt by hanging and called 911 immediately. As we know, attempts to save her sadly failed, and earlier today she died.

Now the question is why. Why would a beautiful young woman who was adored by friends and family choose to take her own life?  There are reports Gia had been "extremely upset about a rocky relationship" with Anderson. But there's simply nothing I'm sure that could have prepared him for what he saw when he walked into that apartment. He has since released a statement that is painful to read.

I'm deeply grateful for all the love and support we have received from family, friends and fans. Gia was the most beautiful person I knew inside and out and she always smiled and made everyone else around her smile.

She had such an amazing impact on my life and anyone that knew her was blessed. All I have left is to cherish those memories we made together and help perpetuate the many values, faith and love that we shared.

I ache for all of her family, friends, and fans, but for him especially. I can't imagine how difficult it was to find her like that, and I imagine he'll never be able to erase that horrifying image from his mind. And no matter what kind of problems they may or may not have been having, it would be impossible for him not to feel some kind of guilt about what he could have differently, if he could have prevented it.

Of course what we know about suicide is there can be no blame. It's almost always a result of something much deeper than just one incident. It's usually a result of depression, mental illness, or other struggles. As British actor Stephen Fry said earlier this summer when talking about his own suicide attempt and why people commit suicide:

You may say, how can anybody be so stupid as to want to end it all? That's the point, there is no why – it's not the right question. There's no reason. If there were a reason for it, you could reason someone out of it.

Many thoughts and prayers to Anderson and all of Gia's loved ones.

Are you shocked by Gia Allemand's death?

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nonmember avatar Lolol

Why does the 'why people commit suicide' link itself to another article you wrote about a bar mitzvah? Seems rather immature. Why not link it to why people commit suicide & ya know, something that actually refers to this article?

nonmember avatar Lilo

This is so sad. She was one of favorites and was hoping she would be The Bachelorette on the show after her season. Poor Gia...

Cyndy Armstrong

My Mother took her life last year in May after we had a rare but needed conversation regarding her drinking. She was 72 but had the energy of someone 32. I found her in her apartment. Even having been a paramedic for years didn't prepare me for the memory I now hold. Guilt consumed me but we have to remember that a person that takes their life by suicide is consumed with distorted thinking. Those of us who have never experienced that can not understand. As well, the taking of ones life is rarely because they want to hurt someone, it is normally because they need their own pain to stop, often the feeling of relief takes hold. They truly think they are actually doing others a favour so their loved ones don't have to contend with their lives. Again, all distorted but reality to them.

bjp459 bjp459

She was always so emotional on the bachelor and  bachelor pad. I always thought that  she had some deeper issues, so , no, I am not surprised by her suicide at all.

nonmember avatar Kim

She seemed so incredibly sweet & genuine on the show... It is a shame that she felt the need to take her life. My deepest condolences to her family & friends.

Delores Bowles

Suicide has two sides you have lost your loved one and you grieve that and then the why side. Why didn't I do something. The one with all the answers is gone and one day you will realize they just wanted out and this was a means to an end. For Gia's family the toughest days are yet to come, learning to live without her.

Tammy Groves Ray

So sorry to read this, she was among my favorite girls on the show. I too have been sad and depressed to the point of thinkin suicide over loosing my job at 50, so you just never know. Depression is a very confusing illness and my meds seem to help at times but other times I think it makes you think crazier thoughts! So sad for her loved ones. Be strong, like I am trying to be!

Christine Hourihan Probst

Something odd about this. I hope they are investigating. Who's to say he didn't hang her there if they were having issues. She was truly loved, why would she take her life?

nonmember avatar Adrienne

Being truly loved is sometimes not enough, with a person dealing with mental illness. There are many reasons people commit suicide, you can be loved to death, doesn't matter if someone is that depressed. Also, the comment about the boyfriend possible hanging her..are you kidding me? This is to mourn her death, not Nancy Grace, Christine Hourihan Probst

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