Taylor Swift 'Hates' Justin Bieber & it's Ruining Her Friendship With Selena Gomez

Taylor SwiftI don't think any of us were under the auspice that Taylor Swift liked Justin Bieber. The two were friends at one point, but back in May at the Billboard Music Awards, Swift couldn't have made her disdain for Biebs any more obvious. First, she was caught sticking her tongue out in disgust when he and Selena Gomez made out backstage, and then, when the press asked her a question about him, she replied with: "Can we have another question?"

But hate? Hate's a pretty strong word. You have to really dislike someone to say that you hate them. But when you hear things from Taylor's side, it's kind of hard to blame her for hating Justin Bieber.

However, the most surprising thing to come out of all this, is the fact that, apparently, the feeling's mutual.

A source told Us Weekly that Bieber basically has broken up Taylor and Selena's friendship. They said: "Taylor hates him. She thinks Selena makes a mistake every time she reconciles with him. Bieber has really come between the girls." Eek. Not cool. But on the flip side, an insider from Bieber's camp told the mag: "He complains Taylor's always telling Selena she can do better." Sooo, basically the two can't stand each other and Selena's in the middle. Sounds like a great time for her.

Even though Taylor tweeted a message about Selena being the closest thing she ever had to a sister a few days before the "Come and Get It" singer's birthday, Swift was glaringly absent from Gomez's birthday bash in Malibu. Justin, however, was not.

Personally, I'm on Team Taylor with this one. I mean, does anyone not think Selena can do better than Justin Bieber, what with his gas-masks, boob-grabbing, spitting, and naked seranades to his grandma? The guy's turned into a real yahoo, I tell ya. And definitely not like someone any girl would want to be in a relationship with.

It'd be a shame if Taylor and Selena's friendship was ruined over Justin, because at the end of the day, anyone who wears a gas mask "just 'cause" isn't worth fighting over. My grandma told me that when I was a girl, and I've heeded the advice ever since.

Do you think Taylor and Selena are really fighting over Justin?


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nonmember avatar sandy

Ah, the glories of young romance, when the world seems brighter, then as hopelessly black as night, and then sunshine and rainbows again, as if ne'er a cloud was seen. And when best friends feel it is their right and responsibility to accept or reject their BFF's boyfriend. As Selena's friend, of course Taylor should support and defend her... when necessary. But Selena and Justin obviously have a magnetic chemistry between them; they are young and, um, "frisky," so this thing needs to wind down at its own speed. Taylor needs to step back, clam up, and mind her own beeswax: I imagine she has had more than one private conversation with Selena about this, and that should be that. Now Selena gets to be her own girl, and Taylor Nosey Parker should accept that. Not every young lady wants to write and sing about her boyfriend issues for the world to hear. To each his own, Ms. Swift: live and let live.

nonmember avatar Selena kaman

Justin and selena is too good to be together.j and s is my best couple.taylor should not hate jb cuz jb has not say or done anything bad about her.

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