‘Real Housewives’ Stars Teresa & Joe Giudice’s Day in Court Ends in a Surprise for Fans

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teresa giudiceReal Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice were in court today to make a plea in the federal financial fraud case against them. It's no surprise that they pleaded not guilty. No way this couple would make it easy to send them off to prison. Though there was one bit of shocking news revealed about their legal woes.

We Real Housewives fans will have a front row seat to the seedy courtroom drama. That's right. Bravo cameras have been filming the whole sordid saga, which will be featured in season 6 of the most volatile cast in the franchise (though admittedly, Atlanta is a very close second).

In fact, producers have decided to start shooting early so they could capture as much of Teresa and Juicy Joe's nightmare on tape as they can. And nothing will get in the way of that. Even if Teresa is put under house arrest, "she'll shoot from home," a source revealed. All I can say is THIS. IS. FANTASTIC. If you thought the show was over-the-top tacky before, this will bring it to a whole new level. Can you imagine how "T" will try to accessorize that big, ugly ankle bracelet? I would bet money it will be bedazzled with glitter, gold chains, and diamonds.

As for the status of the couple's marriage, they are supposedly solid. Their attorney swears that neither will turn on the other in exchange for a lighter sentence. Of course, they are "confident" they will be vindicated. Well, I guess we will have to wait and see -- and thanks to those prying, ever-present Bravo cameras, we will.

Do you think Teresa and Joe will go to prison?


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Wendy Atkin

Yes, If Wesley Snipes and other "bigger stars" went to prison. I completely think they will end upthere, unless she lets Joe take all the blame and then he might just be deported back to Italy if she chooses to go that route instead of taking her share of the blame.
However, Caroline Manzo actually called this saga a while ago saying Teresa will get a divorce and write a book about it and I so see this coming down the pike. Nothing is ever Teresa's fault ( according to her).

nonmember avatar sandy

Disgusting all around, from Theresa and Joe's complete disavowance of any wrongdoing, all the way to the filming of court proceedings for public view. The only thing to shine through all of this is a huge, neon dollar sign dripping with mud: Dirty money, no matter which way you slice it.

Freda Hart

yeah they should if they broke the law!

Barbara Palaith-Newson

Sandy, you're innocent until proven guilty in a court of law in the US.  That's our system.  They can claim innocence till the cows come home.  The Jury will decide unless they take a deal.

Dee Knowlton

I am by no means A fan of T's & fat head ,But ,How twisted that Bravo is so excitied about A famliy's sad problems .I can't believe how the article is written .We started filmig early so we can get it all .This is not a funny matter .It must B so stressful for all the famliy .Those girl's must B pretty stressed out !!It is just like the actor's .Any dirt will do !!

Amy Domzalski

OMG I love it.  I want to honestly see her try to lie her way out of this.  I can't wait to watch it.  This is just as exciting as the Jodi Arias trial.  I will be glued if not I will tape it.


Lisa de la Rionda

Never, they will get off, wait and see.


Joanne Matlosz Drozdowski

If Teresa is a US citizen and Juicy Joe married her, doesn't that keep him from being deported? I don't know; I'm asking?

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