Ian Somerhalder May Never Play Christian Grey, But This Sexy Role Might Make Up for It

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vampire diaries ian somerhalderFans who've had their eye on Ian Somerhalder to play Christian Grey in next year's Fifty Shades of Grey movie may soon have to face both good and bad news ... Buzz that he's no longer in the running for the role persists, reportedly because E.L. James couldn't see him as Christian. But take heart, Ian fans, because another author could be gunning for him to be her equally sexy leading man ...

Sylvia Day is rumored to have pictured Ian as perfect for the dominant Gideon Cross, which could be incredible news for the actor, because Lionsgate recently acquired the book series' rights ... And a TV series based on the book is coming soon!

In other words, we could end up seeing Ian in a super-sexy, Christian Grey-ish role ALL THE TIME. Not just in one movie or even a franchise of movies that end up being released in a spaced out way over the course of yeeears. What could be better than that for Ian fans, who've become accustomed to seeing him on Vampire Diaries week after week? 

And if you're still not convinced that Ian in the Crossfire series would be more than a consolation prize, bear in mind the stunning similarities between Christian and Gideon: Both are grappling with their dark pasts; both fall for intelligent but shy and awkward leading ladies; both own their own super-successful companies; and both are into BDSM ... In other words, there's no doubt that if Ian lands Gideon Cross, fans will be thrilled. That said, I don't know about you, but my fingers are crossed the rumors are true!

Would you rather see Ian as Christian, Gideon, or either works for you?


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nonmember avatar Julie

Yes i can see ian as cross and good luck to him i hope he gets it

youth... youthfulsoul

Bared to You series is way better than 50 Shades anyway. Good for him, although Henry Cavill is still my #1 choice for Gideon. He is who I pictured the whole time I read all 3 books.

nonmember avatar maria

Even though i would see anything that has Ian in it, I rather have play Gideon. He would be great in either one, he is a fantastic Actor and so beautifull.

nonmember avatar Aimee

I just finished that series and if they don't use him for Fifty Shades, he would absolutely make a great Gideon Cross...He could take that roll and make it amazing!

nonmember avatar Sadie

After reading both series I would have to say that Ian stands out as Gideon Cross more than Christian Grey. He definitely has that more "Dark and Dangerous" persona. I think the problem is E.L. James wrote a book for adults, now a younger audience is being targeted for the movie.

Chazz199 Chazz199

I loved the Fifty Shades books, and would have loved to see him play Christian Grey with his daring stare... However... if he could be the leading role in another movie and series that would be Awesome. I absolutely love him, he is a great actor.

Catherine Dyne

This is a completely unfounded rumour started in an article where someone said MAYBE Sylvia Day wants him if E L James doesn't.  Anyone who has been paying attention to Ms Day's interviews and tweets over recent months will know that she herself envisages Henry Cavill as Gideon.  With his new found Superman fame, it would seem unlikely that he would be interested and even more unlikely that someone who envisages a hunk like Henry would settle for wee Ian.  Does nobody read the descriptions in these books - Gideon is tall, broad shouldered, powerfully built.  Ian Somerhalder as Gideon?  Don't make me laugh!

nonmember avatar Bianca

Nah matt bomer all the way even though hes gay he will still play the part perfectly and alexis bledel for ana

nonmember avatar Stephanie

I really hope that series is a showtime or hbo series. Cant have nudity the way the book is on normal TV.....I'd rather it be movies then a TV series if their going to screw up the crossfire series!! And I love Ian but Christian was a leaner muscular build....like Ian...Gideon is supposed to be more stocky muscular the way she described him so I pictured more someone built like Alcide in True Blood...

Caroline Jones

He is nothing like Gideon either, he needs to bulk up for any of the roles, a puff of wind would blow him over

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