Soldier's Amazing Rendition of 'At Last' Will Leave You Speechless (VIDEO)

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Paul IetiIt always warms my heart when I hear stories of men and women overseas trying to have a little fun during a deployment. Hey, they deserve it! The tiring ins and outs of an average day are anything but easy. For one Army soldier, Paul Ieti, he unwinds with his voice. We all ooh-ed and aah-ed over this soldier's emotional Rihanna cover, and now he's back from his tour in Afghanistan with another treasure -- Etta James' classic song "At Last."

Seriously, it's mind-blowing. Like, as if a man in uniform isn't handsome enough. A man in uniform that can sing? Forgettaboutit. Watch this hunky soldier's cover of "At Last," and be amazed that that voice is coming out of that man, here:

Yeah, told you it was fantabulous. How cute is it, too, that he's taking requests over there? Hey! I have one Paul! How about a little Billy Joel?

What song would you want to see Paul sing?


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Susan M Garcia

Paul you hava a amazing voice

okies... okiestyle55

I literally got chillbumps on my arms when he sang. I hope we hear and see lots more of him in the future. Definitely, a talented man. kudos!

Terrie Lohr

I'd love to hear him sing The 12th of Never. Wow he is amazing

Alinda Fallon

Awesome! Thank you! And thank you for serving! God Bless and be with you....

nonmember avatar Momi

My request would be Some where over the rainbow!

Robin S. Gordon-Munoz

When u return too the States, you might want to consider trying out for America's Got Talent or the Voice something to allow others to hear your voice.. As for requests, I am certain with your voice you could sing just about anything. Best of luck, God Bless, hurry home..

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