Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Confronts Lamar Odom’s Mistress at Motel


khloe kardashianKhloe Kardashian has been battling breakup rumors for months. Since she and hubby Lamar Odom are rarely spotted together these days, fans and foes alike assume the worst. She's tried to pooh-pooh the reports by posting pictures of them seemingly happy and smiling (although Celeb Dirty Laundry claims those photos are old). And if new rumors about Khloe's behavior are true, the reality star actually thinks her man is stepping out on her. You won't believe what she may have done to Lamar's alleged mistress.

According to CDL, Khloe and mom Kris Jenner tracked down Polina Polonsky and confronted her. As Polina tells it, the mom and daughter pair came looking for her on June 22 at the Vagabond Inn. They supposedly busted the door on a suite, but it happened to be the wrong one. She says they returned a few days later and this time had the right room number. They pounded away, but allegedly Lamar refused to open the door.

Has it really come to this, Khloe? If this is true, this is a sign -- a sign that it's time to end your marriage. No woman should have to hunt down her husband's mistress at some seedy-sounding hotel with her mother tagging along for backup. It's just ridiculous and more than a little sad. Why keep pretending things are so perfect? I doubt her fans will judge her harshly if Lamar is the clear bad guy in this situation. If the man is over you, it's time to move on and recoup your self-respect.

For her part, Polina, a lawyer, says that Lamar had insisted he was single when they started hooking up, so she isn't in the wrong here. To back up her claims, she has even taken a lie detector test and passed with flying colors. Of course, it's her word against the Kardashian PR machine, so who knows what the truth is. But it certainly doesn't look like things are going in Khloe's favor. If her marriage is over, she shouldn't feel too bad about it. At least she outlasted Kim's disastrous 72-day union.

Do you think Lamar is really cheating?


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nonmember avatar denise

i think that regardless of whatevers going on in khloe's marriage, people should stay out of it. i wouldnt want people butting into my marriage and posting in all over the place. despite the fact that her life is basically on screen, people should respect the fact that her marriage with lamar is exactly that, not a marriage with the world.

nonmember avatar Sherie

Anyone can pass A LIE detector. I do not think Lamar is cheating on Khloe he loves her and I do not think he would ruin his marriage over a piece of AZZZ.

jessi... jessicasmom1

Really no doubt with these marraiges 

hopea... hopealways4019

85 percent of men do cheat, its their nature. The thought should never sway far from wives mind, because it is possible. Don't think your man wont stray, you can be beautiful, smart, loyal, that still might not keep your man from straying. But dont blame yourself if he do, and don't put all the blame on the other woman. It takes two too tango.

mcfar... mcfarterson

What did she expect? Khloe was his mistress(of sorts ) when she and Lamar first met! He was in a committed relationship w the mother of his kids and then he and khloe had the quicky marriage..what is that old adage about a leopard never changing his spots? ?

nonmember avatar Wat

@Hopealways4019: what kind of bullshit statistic is THAT? 85%?? where did you get that from, lifetime? I too, can pull a statistic out of my ass, heres one: 93% of all women are not as smart as men.

katyq katyq

@hopealways...that stat you give is absolutely untrue. 

Casey Vincent

I think the Mistress is disgusting, and trying to get publicity.  She acts like she didn't know that Lamar and Khloe where together 'she took a lie detector test" lmao, well there is a reason those tests are not even upheld in a court of law.  She is scum.  I think Chloe is the most "real" of any of the Kardashians, and out of all of their relationships, she tryly seemed to really love Lamar alot.  If the affairs are true, she should leave Lamar.  She deserves better then that, and Lamar is gross too.  Can't be happy with what you have in front of you.  Fame, fortune, a beautiful loving wife that is famous too, and puts up with his traveling and being gone all of the time.  How sad.  She is so famous though that people won't care, but she is still human, and I imagine she hurts alot inside over this.  I don't blame her for hunting that bitch down.  i wish she would of pummeled her and had Kris kick her when she was down.  Im not generally violent, but I hate women who are gross and would try to steal a married man.  Even if she didn't sleep with Lamar knowing he was married, she was still in it for the fame and publicity and his money.  There is no doubt he is a fool.  If she really loved Lamar she would not be out in the Media telling all of their "love and sex secrets".  When Lamar dumps her ass she will be a nobody again like Monica Lewenski lol (spelling?) sorry  

nonmember avatar Rossetta

I think he is as eager to get away from those Armenia women as Konye is going to be..
Remember none of these women have real now what??

nonmember avatar sandy

Khloe has been the target of more than one very damaging and hurtful rumor: Let's not forget the "who is your real father" stuff. Rather than jump to the assumption that CDL has reported a valid story, I am much more inclined to wonder who is trying to mess with Khloe. If--if, NOT when--Lamar is proved to be an adulterer, I pray that Khloe stays strong and never, ever blames herself. Again, though, this "Lamar cheating" rumor, not to mention two very public women storming a hotel room, seems highly unlikely. Good luck, Khloe.

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