'Real Housewives' Star Alex McCord Breaks Down the 'RHOM' Premiere Like You’ve Never Seen Before (VIDEO)

alex mccordGreetings, Stir-crazy friends! I’m thrilled to join the community and stir up some trouble in the world of reality TV.

Join me each week for a new exclusive video, where I break down what we saw, what we didn’t see, how these shows are put together behind the scenes, and what I think will be the major stories of this coming season.

Let’s get started with The Real Housewives of Miami, as its third season premiered last night on Bravo. Miami holds a special place in my heart; it’s unlike any other of the Real Housewives franchises in several ways. The biggest? It’s unapologetically superficial with all the ladies doggedly pursuing money and beauty ... which, in a strange way, is refreshing. I’ll have my bling without the guilt, please!!

We’ve got weddings and bridezillas, the heartbreaking medical condition of Alexia Echevarria’s son Frankie, plus the legal troubles of her other son Peter, both of which add up to a LOT for one mama to handle! Plus, is Adriana de Moura really married, and why is she pretending she’s not? Does Lea Black lie all the time or just part of the time? Or are her frenemies in fact lying about her? Will Marysol Patton’s Mama Elsa come back? 

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All of this comes with a fashion parade, sun, palm trees, plus a major helping of lies, backstabbing, and scheming. What could be better?? Take a look at my in-depth recap:

Do you think Adriana is really lying about being married? What was your favorite RHOM premiere moment?

Real Housewives of New York alum Alex McCord is TheStir.com's newest guest blogger. Each week, the NYC mom of two will dish about the catfights, feuds, and behind-the-scenes scoop on all your fave Real Housewives. Watch for more to come!

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Debbie Maltby Nielsen

Alex did a great job.  Lots of personality.  Doesn't seem like the rug the other ladies used to wipe their feet on anymore.  YAY Alex. 

Sherri Jensen

She did great on the updates, but.... Alex Please dont talk so "fast"!!! Maybe its a time crunch thing, but she just deemed way to excided to be on camera again...Just relax and talk at a normal pace please! Or cut back on some info if its a crunch thing... 


June Sonier Gerwald

Alex I love this! I want to see you talk about all the housewife shows like this! I have been a watcher from day one in oc, I want to know from your experienced eyes, what is really really real, what is set up, or half fake and what is Fake.

What went on behind the scenes in scary island with Kelly? Or did you sign something, so you can't?

nonmember avatar KL

Alex is AWESOME at this job. I LOVE hearing her recap/take on these shows. She's WAY better at this than she was as a housewife. Looks like you've found your calling Alex!

Cynthia Beaumont

I love your Bling! I love to tape the show and wait till your video is up then watch the show then your rap up of it ! I feel like girlfriends talking about the show! You always see a few things I miss cause you don't miss a thing! Great job ! Love watching your video on youtube now,because it plays better before your lips and words never matched up. My God did they all have major plastic surgery touch ups or what! The one that is always saying she wants to get pregnant should stop all the boob jobs gain some weight I can see her ribs! and she needs to put down the drinks! That's why she can't get pregnant. I'll be waiting for your next wrap-up.

Cognac Wellerlane

Love the Real Housewives of Miami. First is Beverly Hill and third is Orange County. Use to love NY but those ladies are not as glamorous, Sorry girls I real only like LuAnn. I use love you Alex but regretfully you aren't on it anymore. Nice job on the story and video. I will see you at Fashion Week. I am busy in the Hamptons darling, Say Hello to Simon.

Pink Champagne Kisses
Cognac Wellerlane

nonmember avatar Amaslp

Love Alex's insights but really needs to work on her delivery!

Nic510 Nic510

Alex you're awesome @ this, I love it! Very entertaining, informative and extremely knowledgable about the RHW's franchise and reality tv..you do a fantastic and hilarious job recapping and breaking down the RHW's episode's. Keep up the great work and am looking forward to more of you! Miss you on the RHWNY...xoxo

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