'50 Shades' Movie Insider May Have the Scoop on Who Will Play Christian Grey

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sam aaron taylor-johnsonEveryone in Hollywood wants to believe they're the ones with the inside info on who will play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but most of 'em have to be totally bluffing. Most with the exception of someone who will probably learn the lucky actor's identity well before we do ... because he's married to the flick's director, Sam Taylor-Johnson!

Yup, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who has been out and about promoting Kick-Ass 2 and also being sweet enough to field reporters' questions on his wife's amazing new gig. And what he had to say most recently has us wondering if he may know even more than he's letting on ...

Reassuring us all again that he's not interested in or up for playing Christian, Aaron spilled:

I know, and Sam knows, that I'm definitely not Christian Grey and that film is all about casting. It's just a really nice break for me to step back and support her for a while.

So if I am picking up what he's putting down here, he and Sam are definitely sure HE'S not Christian, but that the film will be all about casting ... In other words, how good it is will depend on who is chosen as Christian Grey. And it sounds like he may very well know exactly who that is!

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Then again, how could he not? He probably gets to hear all about how Sam's calls with the casting agents are going. She may have even asked his opinion on who he thinks would be the best fit! Man oh man. What fan wouldn't love to be a fly on the wall in the Taylor-Johnson house?!

But before you get bummed out that you're NOT a fly, and it may still be a while until we're well-informed on casting, take heart in this: Aaron said his wife has a "wicked artistic vision" for Fifty Shades of Grey. Sounds super sexy and promising, right? Definitely a reassurance the movie will be worth the wait after all!

What would you guess Aaron knows about casting so far?


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Faye White

i personally am tired of hearing all the rumors about who will be christian just get on with it and actually tell us its really getting old

nonmember avatar Ashley Ryan

It should deff be Ian somerholder!!!!!!!!!!

Beth Smith

Aaron is wrong for the part in so many ways.  I wish they would either stop dropping teasers or release who got the part.  The entire success of this movie hinges on who is playing Christian. The wrong man and the movie will sink.

Pau Lita

Matt Bomer for Chrisitan GRey, Alexis Bledel for Anastasia, otherwise, I don't even care about the movie.

nonmember avatar Barbara

NO......NO.....NO....find someoneles that is sexy!!!

Christel Valentine-Couch

Henry Cavill would be the PERFECT Christian Grey, that's just my thoughts, he is beautiful in every way!!

Virginia Reynolds Hatmaker

r u serious? u better find a more handsome man if u think u r going to make any money- no offense- but this guy is NOT handsome AT ALL!!!!

Barb Dinkel Goodrich

i wish they would just cast this movie and get on with production. it's a movie people - and we want to see it regardless!

Pietra Ferranti Liotti

i hope its not him Aaron Taylor-Johnson they better know what they are doing alot of women are going to be mad if its not the rigth guy 

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