'True Blood' Season Finale Preview: Will Warlow & Sookie Really Get Married? (VIDEO)

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sookie and warlowNot to sound like a broken record, Trubies, but I just don't know how else to say this: OMG, the True Blood season finale is less than a week away!! How can this possibly be?! It seems like just yesterday we were watching in semi-confused horror as Eric, Sookie, and the rest of the Bon Temps Bunch desperately tried to figure out who/what the hell Billith was all about. Since then, thankfully, Bill took a shower and put some clothes on (and a bunch of other stuff happened). And suddenly, here we are -- watching the season 6 finale promo and freaking out over all the crazy, crazy things to come! Such as ...

1. Lafayette sitting in church as a preacher rants about roaming gangs of "sick" vampires. Did you catch that? What's Lafayette doing in a church?!

2. Warlow preparing some sort of flowery Maypole type thing, presumably for his flowery faerie type wedding to Sookie?? Is this really HAPPENING??

3. Somebody getting all lightning-ed and flying through the air -- I think it's Bill??

4. Andy, Jason, Bill, Jessica, and Violet (I think?) standing around in a graveyard. An odd foursome, no? Looks like they're plotting some sort of ... something.

5. Violet attacking Jessica -- in the graveyard! Who's on whose side here?!

6. Somebody dripping vampire blood into Sookie's mouth. That is to say, I'm pretty sure it's Sookie. This preview moves fast!

7. Bill stalking .. somebody. In the dark. Looking like he's concentrating super hard.

Maybe you'll have better luck than I did catching some of the crazy details in this clip:


Kind of a whirlwind, right?? What do you think?

Will Warlow & Sookie really get married on the True Blood season finale?

Image via TvSeriesPreview/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Anonymous

That's not Jessica, but Adilyn.

Keya25 Keya25

Damn I LOVE a good show. So sad its coming to an end but theres alot of quality shows out there so I can hold on untill next year

nonmember avatar Nicole

I think Eric already claimed her in season 4. I think the reason for Violet is to remind us that belonging to a vampire is immutable. So I think Eric is pretty sad after losing his sister and he will want to be with Sookie to find comfort. She'll be with warlow and they will fight.

Reigna Mendoza

NO.... I WANT to see WARLOW and SOOKIE MARRIED because they're DESTINED to be together FOREVER...!!! SOOKIE is DESTINED to be with WARLOW!!!

Leah Denise Presley-Fox

I don't care what happens to anyone except Eric!! The simple words "Don't leave me" has me scared to death of what will happen next with him. I hope he just needs time to mourn the loss of Nora and will return with a vengence, or does he want to meet the true death??? I just know this...if Eric goes, so do I. Like the other characters but Eric makes the show for me.

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