Robert Pattinson Wants Nothing to Do With 'Twilight' & It's Bumming KStew Out

kristen stewart robert pattinsonIf you watched the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, you may have noticed that two celebrities popular with the teens these days were glaringly absent from the show: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Neither Rob nor Kristen decided to grace the TCAs with their presence this year, leaving thousands -- no, millions! -- of fans crying, Van Der Beek-style, while clutching the remnants of their soggy Twilight posters, followed by serious talking-tos with their Edward and Bella action figures. Not cool.

And as it turns out, we have Rob to thank for the gross under-representation of vampires at the awards ceremony. Kristen wanted to go. But Rob? He was too cool for school.

According to a source, Rob wants to distance himself from the Twilight franchise in an understandable effort to not be perennially thought of as Edward Cullen. And going to the Teen Choice Awards would not have been good for distancing himself from Twilight. Kristen, on the other hand, wanted to go, and was kind of offended that Rob wants to dissociate himself from the thing that brought them together. A friend of Kristen's said: "Kristen had no problem whatsoever going to the Teen Choice Awards, but she was only going to go if Rob also went. It was primarily Rob’s decision not to go. He has been wanting to distance himself from the Twilight films for quite some time now. Kristen felt kind of hurt that Rob is so eager to move away with anything that has to do with the franchise. In a way, she takes it kind of personally."

Aw, poor Kristen. I wonder if she's listening to "Glory Days" right now on her iPod. No, in all seriousness, I can see both sides here. I get why Kristen would be bummed that Rob wants to move on from Twilight. And I get why Rob would want to move on from Twilight. I think out of the two, though, Rob's got the right idea. And I think Kristen is more bothered that Rob's moving on from her, not the movie franchise. 

I, personally, am looking forward to the cinematic delights that these ex-vamps bring us in the future. Twilight was great, but it's time for a new chapter. It's time for a change. And hopefully Kristen will see that soon, too. Namaste.

Were you bummed Kristen and Rob weren't at the TCAs?


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Lulu Collazo

I believe it was good for them NOT to show at the event, not to leave the Twilight days behind, that's never going to happen!! bad news!!!  but because they are constantly under the scrutiny of the media, and it's shameful the manner in which they have been treated.  The lack of respect, the bullying.  How much can one take?  So even if it's sad the no show, it was wise in a way to avoid the drama and the media circus around them, specially for Kristen, who has been blamed for all of what has happened when it takes two to tango.  I wonder what made her lose her way.  Was it because of the now so obvious Robert's womanizer ways that were always there,  but hidden in the dark. Is he finally showing the world his true colors?  By the way, good pr with the "not wanting to date any of Kristen's friends"  THAT SHIP SAILED, HE ALREADY DID! Shame on him!  What she did, she did without intent, what he did, he did out of bitterness and revenge, at least it seems that way.  I AM SUPER GLAD SHE'S GOING BACK TO SCHOOL, she will become even more wiser and respected.  Also, she's a natural writer.  Go on Kristen, you deserve better!

nonmember avatar Jodi

I think it's time for Rob to move on to bigger and better things. He is not a teenager and understandably would not want to be typecast as Edward Cullen. If you add in the relationship issues with Kristen that were pasted on every tabloid for weeks, who wouldn't want to distance themselves from that? Twilight made him famous, but all good things come to an end, as has Twilight.Watch the dvds, read the books, but let him move on...IMO :)

Carol Marie

I think it's probably because they are no longer a couple. If Rob does want to move on, he better start choosing better scripts. His movies suck. Water for Elephants wasn't too bad but come on the others are all weird, boring and didn't make it. I think Kristen has a better shot at it. He use to ask her for acting advise and follow her around on set. Maybe he should do it again, he might learn something.

nonmember avatar martha

It would seem Rob wants to now bite the hand(the twilight saga)that not only fed him but made him an international movie star! He better hope his star doesn't start fall....he has been made famous by his huge fanbase! Rob don't diss us again coz we made u famous and we could just as easily take our fandom elsewhere!

nonmember avatar Amanda

I don't believe this article at all. How are these sources they find, I can not believe that rob would have said that at all. And the fact that he has power over weather kristen goes or not is also rubbish... I understand that he wants to be known for other things as well as twilight, but again I don't believe this article,,,,,,

nonmember avatar huehuehueQQ

YES! they're fading out of the limelight! their fifteen minutes are almost up. terrible bland actors.

Tina Goff

Rob HATES Twilight.  He hates that it became such a big 'thing' and he feels it's one of the most ridiculously stupid stories.  He hates Edward, and thinks the whole concept is disgusting.  Just go and read some of the interviews he's given.  Just google 'Robert Pattenson Hates Twilight'  He thought it would be an over and done with, low budget movie that wouldn't really be seen by anyone.   Now he's stuck as 'That Vampire Guy'.  When he does other movies, Twilight fans show up, then they complain and write bad reviews because he's not acting like Edward.  

Jenniy Jenniy

He'll always be a Hufflepuff to me. lol

nonmember avatar DebW

What a slap in the face and lack of gratitude to your fans. You are both actors who are beloved by many fans and you are both most certainly capable of having acted on the red carpet and stage for a few moments, despite your personal issues.

Rob chose to be irresponsible and insensitive to the very fans that made him famous, but that should not have kept Kristen from attending. She should be equally as grateful to the very same fans who made her famous and quit following Rob's lead.

Shame on both of them for their lack of gratitude to their fans, Stephenie Meyer, and the series that made them as rich and famous as they are today. They both need to GROW UP and accept their responsibilities and obligations, whether they are pleasant or not.

They both owe public apologies to their man disappointed fans

sylph... sylph_ironlight

Completely agree with Tina Goff. His contempt of the franchise is well known. Yes, he made money from it, but does that mean he has to let it define the rest of his career? No. And to people who are threatening him "don't diss us again coz we made u famous and we could just as easily take our fandom elsewhere!" Pretty sure that he doesn't care. He'll either continue on his career of his own merit, or he won't. So he didn't want to go to an award ceremony. It's not like he signed a contract stating that he would be there. Just because you expect someone to do something doesn't mean they have to.

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