'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 8 Reunion Part 1 Recap: Pretty Little Liars

Real Housewives of Orange CountyWell, that was fun. Tonight was part one of the three-part Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special, and the ladies took to the couches in their crazy array of pageant-perfect gowns (seriously, who picks these things out?) and rhinestones. The tension started high and just kept climbing ... as it does in all good reunions. 

The big lesson we learned tonight -- these ladies are major grudge holders, and they seem to lie a lot. Not a huge revelation for regular watchers, but it was so apparent tonight, it was crazy. 

No matter who has apologized or pretended to accept an apology, these ladies harbor deep-seeded resentment against one another for every little slight that's happened over the years. Most of the things they're still fighting about happened years and years ago. Along the way they twist the truth so hard, I'm not sure any of them knows what it is anymore.

At the heart of the issues between Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney, and Gretchen Rossi (whose mint green dress was so distracting, I had trouble concentrating on what she was saying) seems to be Gretchen's alleged affair while her fiance, Jeff, was dying in the hospital -- THREE YEARS AGO. If she did cheat on him (and there's some pretty strong reason to believe she did), then it was wrong, but Tamra and Vicki need to drop it already. Jeff is dead, and getting Gretchen to admit it now does nothing. Gretchen has done plenty of other shady things since. If they want to pounce on her for those, fine, but they really need to move on from this once and for all.

It was pretty funny though when Tamra threw Vicki under the bus for the text she sent her about Gretchen that Vicki said she never sent. Liars, all of them, it seems.

Heather Dubrow and Lydia McLaughlin don't go too far back, but their stuffy little spat was humorous. Heather is still pissed that she didn't make the cover of Lydia's magazine and is hung up on some little comment Lydia made at Tamra's bachelorette party. Heather has quite the bite, and while visibly shaken, Lydia held her own quite well (she is a genius, after all) -- especially when she called Heather "princess".

The biggest blast from the scorned past is Lauri Peterson's grudge against Vicki. She came back on the show purposefully to take Vicki down, and she just looks ridiculous for all of the accusations she made. Vicki apologized for not handling the letter George's ex-mother-in-law sent her, but it doesn't seem that she maliciously set out to hurt Lauri. Lauri, however, wants blood, which is just weird if she's as happy as she claims she is. Vicki shouldn't have stooped to her level making claims that Lauri has been cheating ... but she did.

Oddly enough, the only person who didn't take a turn in the hot seat tonight was Alexis Bellino in her racy red dress. My how things have changed. Of course, there are still two more episodes, so she may get her chance yet.

Which housewife do you think is the biggest liar?


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nonmember avatar liz

Tamara is the biggest liar... followed a close second by Vicki, these two together are pathetic mean high school girls. Vicki is so jealous of Gretchen its so obvious. I feel sorry for Gretchen, I think she really thought a lot of her friendship with Tamara and obviously it was one sided. She should dump her like a hot potato.

LindaRB LindaRB

I agree completely. Tamra is two faced and Vicki it the most jealous human being there is.

Anita Hodnett

Close tie between Vicki and Tamra.All i heard on last night's show was about Gretchen cheating on Jeff.Get over it Vicki and Tamra,she's engaged to Slade now,REMEMBER.I can't stand Lydia,she's a spoilt brat.The only sane one on the show is Heather.


pamel... pamelamrtn

Vicki & Tamra lead the pack for liars & Vicki for MEAN!

nonmember avatar someone

nice recap. But it's "deep-seated," not "deep-seeded."

Janea Marie

I think Vicky is the biggest hypocrite, crying & whining over Laurie coming back, spreading lies about her but she is doing the same w/Gretchen, I really felt bad for Gretchen but let's hope that this really opened her eyes to how deceitful lovely Tamra is, she is spit-evil witch that deserves no friends, she deserves Vicky!

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

To be Honest , yes I do think that sweet Gretchen did have an Afair with a youg man ....just the way she looked at the first Reunion when it was brought up by Tam and another one....The look on her Face was Priceless ..... Oh well, I guess her Fiance was in the Hospital and on his Death bed and she prob. thougt " Jeff is dieng anyways, so why not have fun and do what ever I want to....and the Ring stays in my pocket book until I go see him in the Hospital " she is not so Innecent and a lot of peopel think that....But Gretchen has a wild side to her, you can just tell by the way sge carries herself...But I alwasy say  " What ever floats your Boat " you will get cought at the end and then do not forget  " KARMA " will come back and bite you big time and I think Karma is already coming to Gretchen .....and getting Married to Slate....LMAO    that will not last long even if he saus it will be forever..... SLIMEEEE will alwasy be a Slime bag and a wanne be and will never get a head and will lie about everyhting and anything just to get his way and get were he wants to get to.....

Thai is my Opinon and maybe some people do agree with me :)badthis is to Gretchen and Slade and yes to Vicki too ......LMAO....LOSERS 

Martha McFarland

OMG you really have to ask who the biggest liar is?? I'll give you a hint...her name starts with "V", ends with "I" and has "I-C-K" in the middle. And "ICK" says it all about her. Tamra takes a close second on the liar award.

Derek W. Newell

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