Jenelle Evans Jailed for Drugs Again -- Will Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Dump Her Now? (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans mugshotYou knew something had to be wrong when Jenelle Evans' Twitter account went silent for more than 20 hours, and now we know why. The Teen Mom 2 star has been sent to jail. Again!

And showing just how seriously she takes it when the cops haul her off to jail, Jenelle had a big cheesy grin for her mugshot photo. Again!

She better hope boyfriend Nathan Griffith doesn't see this one.

'Memba when Griffith, a former Marine and total gym rat, said he'd leave Jenelle if she did drugs? Looks like his promise is being tested, like, right NOW.

Turns out Jenelle was in court today to make a plea that would allow her to skate on the heroin charges lodged against her after an altercation with husband Courtland Rogers earlier this year. That was when the judge decided it would be a good time to call for Jenelle to take a random drug test.

According to TMZ, the reality star's test came back positive for marijuana. So while the judge OK'd the plea that gave Jenelle just 18 months probation for heroin and illegal Percocet possession and a drug paraphernalia charge, he ordered she be hauled off to jail for 48 hours to pay for showing up to court with drugs in her system.

Sadly from the looks of her mugshot, the move hasn't scared Jenelle in the least. The grin she greeted jail with is what my grandparents would have called the shit-eating kind. She's amused by this! Clearly!

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So if jail doesn't scare her, what will? Anything?

Maybe Nathan actually putting his money where his mouth is and walking away? After all, Jenelle does not do well when she's single -- the fact that she's dating him while still technically married shows that.

Nathan hasn't yet commented on his girlfriend's arrest other than to tell his ex-wife (and mother of his child) to "shut the f--k up" for breaking the news of Jenelle's failed drug test on Twitter. But if he really loves the Teen Mom 2 star, he'll step up and do SOMETHING about her return to jail. He has until Wednesday morning when she gets out to think about it ...

Can Nathan turn Jenelle around? Can anything?


Image via Brunswick County District Court

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nonmember avatar kaerae

Jenelle's mom is going to need one of those picture frames for school pictures, with all the little cut-outs so you can see how they've grown from year to year. Do you think the booking cops say "smile" and then take bets to see which ones are stupid enough to actually do it? This chick is gone and she'll never change.

youth... youthfulsoul

They need to stop the probation or suspended sentences and throw her butt in jail for a good long time.

Missy Derr

i thought she was pregnat ?






nonmember avatar Bonita

Obviously if her new boo, Nathan, I tellin his baby mama "shut the fuc* up" he is not setting a good example for jenelle's son, jace. That is NoT how you talk to a woman, at all and vise versa. She needs to step up and be a mother to her son. Obviously she is not gonna stop doing drugs to take on the responsibility of being a "mom". She needs to stop trying to have "5 min of fame" with the drug stuff. Grow up and be a mother jenelle!!

BatMom. BatMom.

AGAIN?! And that shit-eating grin is because she wants to look good even in a mugshot..but also could be a nice big "F*** YOU, JAIL!" look. Either way..I'm no longer proud of her. She's clearly not changed. And she seemed like she was doing so much better..smh.

nonmember avatar Amby

You guys seriously believe he didn't know she was smoking pot? They live together... of course hes not going to dump her, probably smokes too.

nonmember avatar ricanmammiof3

Smh this chick makes no sense always cying bout wanting her son back i think her mom did the right thing by taking custody janelle is a sorry excuse of a mom

nonmember avatar dennis

this time throw away the key so she will learn this will not help her get her son back grow up and put your child first

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Fact check: that is his ex girlfriend not his ex wife and that is her child from another relationship, not his. Plus does anybody really believe he's with her for any reason other than attention and money? Of course he's not going to leave her.

artis... artistmom27

I am actually upset to hear this. It isn't a surprise based on her past. However, I as a mother could only hope she would learn her lesson one day and for the sake of her son, shape the heck up. I am not sure there is much left that will force a change. From experience with my ex, if a child and jail time wont cause a change the only thing left might just be getting near death. I feel bad for her mom, watching her daughter become this (though at some level she is responsible for this breakdown of moral guidance), but mostly I feel sorry for Jace. One day he is going to be old enough that this behavior is all he can remember of his birth mother.

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