'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock Should Admit She Won't Marry Chris Siegfried 'Tomorrow' ... or Maybe Ever

desiree and chris kissing abc finaleSince coming out of hiding and proudly declaring themselves an engaged couple on TV, Desiree Hartsock and fiance Chris Siegfried have been making the media rounds, fielding all sorts of Qs about their relationship. Of course being that there's a Neil Lane ring on it now, everyone wants to know Des and Chris's wedding details. Sounds like they still have some decisions to make as far as the exact date -- though they're thinking June -- and location ("It's gone from destination to small chapel to winery," Des shared), but Des seems certain about one thing: She'd marry Chris "tomorrow" if she could!

Besides bad poetry, the couple seems to have an affinity for repeating some specific company lines over and over again to the press, and one of Des's has been all different versions of "I'd marry him tomorrow if I could!" While some may see it as romantic, it also seems more like she's trying to prove something ... 

Because, come on, what's the big deal? They got engaged in a matter of weeks. If she "could," "would," "will" marry Chris tomorrow, why not just do that now, too?

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I'll tell ya why not. Because the couple either has their doubts -- which I wish they'd just admit, especially considering how they ended up engaged! -- and/or they want to take it slower/non-TV paced. They probably want to try living together and seeing how they fare before actually tying the knot. Something I wouldn't blame any couple -- who met in the real world or a reality show -- for doing!

But instead, Des keeps saying she'd forgo the whole normal, down-to-earth relationship process to marry Chris tomorrow. I don't buy it, and let's hope neither does she! Let's hope these two take as much time as they possibly need to make sure their engagement wasn't just for show.

Do you buy that these two would get married tomorrow "if they could"?


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nonmember avatar Diana

I took her comment to mean that she was ready to be fully committed to Chris. I can relate because I felt that way about my husband. Most still want a ceremony to celebrate with friends and family. She shouldn't have to give that up to prove to strangers that she would marry him tomorrow. I fully expect to see these two happily married by the end of next year. They are a beautiful couple inside and out.

nonmember avatar Voice of Reason

This article is really mean spirited. This is the first real couple to emerge from the show in years. Their relationship is built on friendship, trust, and mutual affection. Yes, she sent most of the season chasing Brooks, but she also spent a lot of time resisting Chris. Because he was so perfect for her that it scared her. Brooks left and she sent Drew packing and was ready to send Chris packing too, but she couldn't do that because she couldn't ignore any longer that he had always been the best fit. Real initmacy scares some people. I bet they will get married by 2015, and have kids soon after.

nonmember avatar moderatelady

Voice of Reason - Were you watching THIS season's Bachelorette ? Their relationship is built on producers, ratings and her hormones. She spent most of the season making out with men for a power trip. She couldn't send Chris packing because she wanted a huge diamond. She couldn't ignore it anymore and decided to settle on a guy so she won't be alone. I bet she'll have 6 more boyfriends by 2015 and kids with at least one or two of them.

K Carol B. Hamilton

Your intent to over-ride their lives to conform to your thoughts is truly evil!  If they do not survive it will be from  mean-spirited persons such as the writer of this column - article. 

BUT they will make it ... Any one that could see and has eyes saw the love was there.  It was just strange circumstances that created the hic-up ... be it as it was.  She was going to get it figured out ... she has her head on her shoulder as does Chris.  I am not a screaming person but you bring it out of me.

Leave her alone, leave them alone.  Go to work find something else to pick to pieces and leave them alone.  They served their time humoring you ... and trying to continue on the path they want.  They love each other and if you do not know what love is like, well....I can just imagine that you do not.  Because it would hard to be in a relationship with someone that just had to pick something till it bleeds.  That would be you..the writer.  Give it up. Get on with your life and find another source to attack!

nonmember avatar lisa

They r waiting for abc too pay for it more money more publicity

nonmember avatar Julie

soooooooo stupid!

Roberta Howard

 This all happened 2 fast.. I think they need to wait and see if it works..Chris is who I feel sorry for.. I hope he does not get hurt with all this acting.....


nonmember avatar sandy

I have stated my "not buying it" stance so many times that I must seem like the most cynical person ever! My vehemence on this particular issue, though, is because despite all of the Desiree Denials and Love Proclamations, I see a very mixed up young lady. She seems as if she is trying to talk herself into something--someone--for reasons known (or maybe not so known) only to her. I suspect that she has lived a lifetime of not wanting to disappoint others, or perhaps she has broken one too many commitments (be they work, relationship, family, social, whatever). I am "not buying it," because I do not think that supporting Desiree in her desperation is helpful: It would be enabling, and that never helps anyone. I do wish her strength and peace, so that she can really have a breakthrough and become her own woman.

Linda Sullivan

I really like Chris and Des as a couple. I truly hope these two make it and do get married!! :D

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