Kim Kardashian's Biggest Fear Could Come True if She Doesn't Drop Her Demented Plan

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kim kardashian preggersYou guys, Kim Kardashian is super worried about something. What if you forget about her while she's in Baby Weight Loss Lockdown 2013? A source says, "Kim has had this plan to show off how great she looks after giving birth and sell the pictures or videos for a lot of money, but she’s getting worried that it’s been too long and people aren’t as excited about seeing her anymore." I know it seems like yesterday, but it really has been two whole months since North West was born. The insider claims there's been a "shift in the fanbase." (I guess this would be the wrong time to mention a certain Schmince Schmorge ...)

I know what you're all thinking: Kim Kardashian who?!?

Hardy har har, of course we remember Kim Kardashian. She's only been gone for five minutes! Geez, what kind of flea-brained attention spans does she think we have? That's ridiculous. I know for a fact people are not forgetting Kim. How do I know? I cannot reveal details, but let me just say this: The reason we keep talking about Kim on The Stir is because so many people are still so obsessed with her. The minute people lose interest in KDash, we will stop writing about her, I ASSURE YOU. It's not happening any time soon.

But if Kim is so paranoid about losing our attention, there's a very obvious solution. She should get her ass out of the house. It's that easy. This idea of not appearing in public until she loses all the baby weight is just a big, foot-long insanity hoagie with extra crazy sauce.

It should take any healthy new mom a good six to nine months to lose the weight -- maybe longer if you gained more than the recommended 30 pounds, as Kim seems to have. I keep saying this! I think Kim's plan is to lose it all as soon as possible, but for the 90 millionth time, that's not healthy.

And anyway, Kim is missing an excellent opportunity to win some sympathy by showing up "in process." She should trust her fans to still love her and support her because it takes her time to lose the body weight -- not in spite of that. We don't need her to be superhuman. It's okay, Kim. You can act like a normal person this time, I swear.

Do you think Kim should stop hiding and just show up in public the way she is?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Sue

No one in this World could care LESS about Kim, her body, her baby, her family

It's OVER for that family making millions off the American Public
WE ARE FED UP !!!!!!

lovem... lovemy2sons25

Not necessarily Sue, I love the Kardashians!

nonmember avatar Steve

Kim waiting for her lipo to heal, Her tummy tuck to heal , her other plastic surgery to heal , to show everyone she looks great after baby , isn't fooling anyone. Kim and her phony family is history with most fans, and we are all sick and tired of all of them . No one but "love my sons" care.

nonmember avatar Sherie

Honestly who cares ! If I never saw Kim K again it would not be a issue.
Not as many people care as you think do.

Bonnie Springer

I wish her the best. All new moms want to loose all the baby weight. It will come don't worry. Stop hating haters.

nonmember avatar jay

I really think that Kanye isn't letting her go out. He is a control freak who is probably monitering her every move. That was evident when he changed her whole warddrobe. He couldn't care less that she got such verbal abuse for it. You would think he would have stopped after a while but no he controlled her pregnancy fashion which was even worse.

nonmember avatar sandy

Oh, for heaven's sake: I just spent 15 minutes obsessively, NOT Kim or her fears, but flippin' "schmince schmorge!" I am of wounded pride at this moment, because I am a linguistic no avail! "Schmince" seems to have something to do with "making oneself up;" but "schmorge?" Are we talking German, Swedish, or Yiddish, here? Help, please!
And now back to Kim's woes:-) i actually feel sorry for the girl: She craves, yet literally fears losing the spotlight and her idea of validation, which has nothing to do with existing on the plane of reality. She has EVERYTHING she could ever need or want: A supportive, loving family (who naturally argues), a doting love (at least for now), a brand new baby to nurture, plenty of funds, food, and shelter. She is apparently healthy, fertile, and vital. The neuroses she displays are born of illusion; she has attached to them with fierce obsessiveness. Now would be a great time for her to address ways that she could move into a different rhythm of life. Evolve, Kim: You CAN do it!

nonmember avatar @sandy

I think she was referring to prince george? That's what I assumed anyway, could be wrong though.

Jerika Baldwin

I wish she wouldn't loose the weight. For awhile anyways. Suffer like the rest of us.

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