E.L. James Reveals Her Top Choice for Christian Grey (PHOTOS)

There is no doubt that the part of Christian Grey is one of the most hotly-anticipated since Rhett Butler. And everyone knows Ian Somerhalder will play Christian. Or Matt Bomer. Or Henry Cavill. Orrrr none of the above? Erstwhile Fifty Shades screenwriter contender Bret Easton Ellis (who lost out to Kelly Marcel) seems to have the inside track on E.L. James' number one pick. And he gave a major clue, saying:

I know who her number one choice for Christian Grey is ... She is never going to get him. He has dark hair. Of course, that's what she wants ... Okay, I can say this: Think of the most obvious, fitting choice. It's right in front of your face. I can't say anything.

Er, Bret, you just did say something! You said enough that now we can forget about Ian, etc., and take a look at some contenders we hadn't been thinking of. Someone E.L. "will never get." That means someone already super successful. That means it could be ...

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peach... peachpies

Henry Cavill. He has dark hair, very obvious match to Christian, and he's so busy right now she won't be able to get him for the part despite his intrigue for the film. His Dunhill commercials and all come to mind right about now!

Laure... Lauren0983

Sounds like Henry Cavill!

Karen Cagle

not Christian Bale I can't stand him....lol


nonmember avatar Annamarie

Ian is the only "bankable" actor to play Christian Grey.....

Kim Rosamilia

DEPP IT SHOULD BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Becky Acosta

She said in an interview she wanted Ian as Christian... That's my choice as well :)

Kelly Robinson Bone

If anyone but Ian gets it, I won't be watching it!! He's the exact look, bad boy personality, sexual god, actor to play this part.. The rest are all lacking in some category or other.. And Emma Watson is the PERFECT Anna.. Simple beauty, innocent, but bold..

nonmember avatar Katie

Christian Bale all the way for me, he is the perfect Christian. But I can understand he is too old for the part, so I think Matt Bomer, or to be honest maybe a complete unknown would be best as there is always going to be someone disappointed.

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