Brooks Forester Says What We're All Thinking About Desiree & Chris' Overnight Love Story

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Des and Chris

It's only been a week since we watched Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried get engaged on The Bachelorette finale, and already there's one burning question on most of our minds.

Are Des and Chris really in love, and will they ever actually make it to the altar? Yeah, yeah, I know we ask the same thing about all Bachelor and Bachelorette couples, but given the wacky circumstances of how Des and Chris (ahem) fell in love and wound up engaged, we're definitely questioning the stability of their relationship a bit more than we have with other couples in the past.

And now none other than Des' former flame, Brooks Forester, has come right out and said what we're all thinking about whether or not Chris and Des will wind up as husband and wife.

According to Yahoo, Brooks addressed Des' engagement and whether or not it took him by surprise.

He said, "Yeah, to say there was no surprise at all, it would be a stretch. I don't know what her process was. I wasn't there to see exactly what it is what she was realizing."

Yep. Brooks has his doubts. And he obviously thinks it's strange that Des professed her love to him and then got engaged to another dude in the span of a couple days. And it doesn't sound like he has a whole lotta faith in Des and Chris actually getting hitched.

But let's be honest -- neither do the rest of us. Oh come on, won't you be absolutely shocked if Desiree ever becomes Mrs. Siegfried? Heck, even Chris Harrison doesn't think they'll get married -- and if anyone would know the depth of their relationship other than the two of them, it's him. (A little sad, but true.) I mean, isn't it kind of his job to know whether or not couples on the show are legit?

Let's face it, people. Chris doesn't think they'll last. And neither does Brooks. And neither does pretty much every other fan in America -- myself included.

Sorry Des, but something tells me that while you'll no doubt get your happy ending someday -- it's not going to be with Chris. How can you suddenly realize you're head-over-heels in love with a dude right after getting dumped by a guy you just professed your love to? Something about her "realization" doesn't make sense -- even to Brooks, which pretty much tells us all we need to know.

As of now, I'm giving Des and Chris a few months or so before that ring goes straight back to Neil Lane's fancy jewelry store and Des is left in tears pining for Brooks once again.

How long do you think Des and Chris will last?


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Kelly Pittman

i like des and chris is a great guy but not for her and she knows it,i dont think she wanted to come through all of that and have nobody,des is in love with brooks he clouded her mind because she feel in love with him like your supose to in life she loves brooks,and i know when she seen him on the finale she still felt love i seen it in her eyes and her actions.des needs to quit lieing to chris and herself. i still love you des but dont settle.

kelli... kelliq1076

I think the Brooks situation was a ploy to make reality steve report wrong information and to increase ratings. It all seemed very fake to me

Jane Hutton

With all the media attention...much of it negative or just plain nasty...I find it amazing that ANY of these couples have made it to the altar. Seems to me thwey would all be better off if folks just let them be once the show is over.

Doris Slater

Brooks needs to keep his mouth shout .he lost his chance to comment..I always thought she would chose Chris..

Tammy Luree Simmons Howard

I think it was as exactly as Des said it was... leading up to a point where she stepped back and during her reflection realized that Chris was "there" all along. Brooks and his wishy-washiness beguiled Des and it wasn't like she wasn't falling for Chris at all. Her time with Chris was important to her, it was on a deep emotional level that they connected. I have much more faith in her and Chris than I ever did with her and Brooks. Anyone who saw her light up when Chris did something very special for her could see it. Besides, I think a lot of it was that she didn't feel worthy of a really nice guy. So instead of casting doubts, we should all say our prayers for God's Blessing on them because they are really made for each other.

nonmember avatar The OldFud

Women have been known to change their minds every now and then. Just ask any man.

Barbara Scott Robison

I agree with Tammy. Leave them be and wish them all the best.

nonmember avatar Juliana

I think that maybe there is some editing going on here......we don't know that she wasn't in love with both of them and Brooks made the decision easy for her!

Debra Roller

I have no doubt that she was in love with them both, As seen many many times in the past,. There are two at the final rose ceremony and its always a hard hard decision. And person CAN be in love with two at the same time. I think if left alone to be a couple, They will do fine.. If you continue to degrade them and what they have, and rub noses in all the drama, You will create doubt and allot the relationship to sour. STOP IT!!!!! They are in love. You just need to allow them to be in love....

nonmember avatar Melody

If Brooks had stayed, Des most likely would have chosen him, which would have been a mistake. He knew that the producers would want a proposal for the viewing audience and he didn't love her so he broke it off. As far as her relationship with Chris goes, they have about as much chance as every other couple at the end of the Bachelor/Bachelorette season. Seriously, none of them really know each other that much--it's the time spent figuring it out as a couple after the show is over without cameras--in the real world, to see if they can build a relationship. Right now, all they know, is that they really like each other. Best of luck to them:)

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