'True Blood' Recap: Jason Does the Unthinkable to Sarah!


jasonOne week left until the season finale of True Blood! And sad as I'll be to see it go (until next season, that is), I have to admit I can't WAIT for next Sunday night -- cause, damn! Things are getting way crazy, way fast, and I don't know what way it's all going to end up going at the end! Just consider all the twists and turns tonight: Can you believe SPOILER survived? And what about SPOILER killing SPOILER?! (If you haven't seen episode 9, "Life Matters," yet and don't want those blanks filled in, read on at your own risk!)

Anyway. It's not that there weren't any predictable moments at all tonight (Sookie's graveyard speech, Eric going batsh*t and ripping all those vamp camp guards to pieces, Sarah trying to fry all the vamps to a crisp). It's just that the shocking moments were seriously shocking! For example:

1. Bill saving the vamps by letting them feed off his Warlow-blood. Wow, guess Billith really is back to being benevolent!

2. Eric killing Steve. Look, I know nobody ever liked the guy -- we all wanted him dead -- I just didn't expect Steve to go out like that. Although his final words ("I love you Jason Stackhouse!") were no surprise at all.

3. Jason not killing Sarah. Come on, dude! Man up!

Seven days and counting, Trubies!

What was the most surprising moment of tonight's True Blood for you? 

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NatAndCo NatAndCo

1) billith was always benevolent towards vampires.

2) that was awesome.

3) actually one of my favorite Jason moments ever.

Cyndee Cleckner

Seeing Lafayette in a Suit!!  He looked great!

Roni Lee Osborn

Lafayette looked awesome in his suit. The color was awesome. The need to kill Sarah for starting all of this. It took them all season to finally make it worth watching. I almost gave up on them.

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