'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kris Jenner Shows Kim Kardashian Is Her Favorite Once Again

Kris JennerThere was a lot going on tonight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Between Khloe's sexy photo shoot for Lamar, Operation Putting Green, and the general chaos that surrounded Kris Jenner getting ready for Kim, Kanye West, and their new baby to move in, things were hectic in the Kardashian manse.

Poor Kylie was forced to eat her lunch in the car because she couldn't find peace and quiet anywhere else. Bruce Jenner was totally fed up that the little space Kris has granted him was being taken over too as Kris tried to create some Zen spa for the baby.

So when tension levels peaked, Kris jumped in to save the day ... or something like that. 

She rented a beach house for the summer. Not for the logical reason -- so Kim, Kanye, and their new baby could stay there. But rather so Kylie, Kendall, and her husband, Bruce, could. Meanwhile, she planned to stay comfortably in her own home. 

If anything she has ever done says, "My world revolves around Kim, and the rest of you are mere distractions," this was pretty much it. I can't believe Bruce and the girls weren't outraged by her move -- she didn't even run it by Bruce! Why should they be forced to move out of their own home so that queen Kim and her family can invade theirs? Sure it was a gorgeous place on the beach, but the motive behind it is sickening. Kim is a grown woman with gazillions of dollars -- why can't she rent her own place instead of making her whole family evacuate?

Almost as ridiculous was Kris claiming that Bruce makes her look like an asshole. I'm pretty confident she does a good enough job of that herself. I wish Bruce had gotten his putting green; it's really sad that he's that scared of her that he had to thwart the whole plan. Maybe if they'd somehow gotten Kim's face imprinted on it, Kris would have liked it?

Bruce says he's going to work on trying to take some of the power back in their relationship. Good luck with that, Bruiser.

Did you think it's outrageous that Kris rented a home for Kylie, Kendall, and Bruce?


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Dee Dee Medley

Just make them all go away....soon or later everyone will get sick of them and stop watching them...then they won't have a tv show, endorsements and all that money..then they will be forced to live like normal people and stop flaunting their money around...money doesn't last forever and I can't wait to see them with none!

nonmember avatar Rina

Kim is s first time mom, I'm sure Kris wants to be there for her daughter. She didn't ask Bruce and the 2 girls to leave, it's a temporary summer home.

nonmember avatar Lauren

There is no surprise there what Kris is doing. And if their marriage (Bruce and Kris) really is in the rocks then this is why. She has a become a woman who is motivated by greed! Her daughter, Kim, is the reason for their newfound wealth. The fact that she is brushing her family off and moving them to a rental is just how she doesn't care about them. She cares about her daughter, the one who brought her the fame and fortune.

nonmember avatar kaerae

What? She rented a beautiful home at the beach for her daughters and their dad to hang out in all summer? What a horrible mother, I hope someone turns her in for child abuse!

Cassandra Huber

She horribly abuses Bruce emotionally, I wish he would have the guts to walk away from that marriage and take the girls with. That man is a really normal family man, down to earth and doesn't approve of his wife's lifestyle, and as a result gets treated like garbage. The poor man isn't even allowed to be the man of the house. Oh yeah, and he is the only one who is famous for actually doing something with his life and not just for being a trashy whore.

hexxuss hexxuss

Agreed Cassandra - I always knew her as the 'chick who married Bruce Jenner', and I always will.  Even naming the show as she did is an insult to him!!! If it's 'Keeping up with the Kardashians', why is she on it? HER last name is JENNER!!!  He deserves better, wish he'd realize that too - and now his own kids are being raised to be completely superficial dimwits by her as well...

tiafez tiafez

I feel for the two younger girls. Their lives are a photo op orchastrated by their own Mother. 

nonmember avatar edie

Watching last night's episode of KUWTK was sickening. Kris Jenner brings so many dysfunctions to the situation, it is difficult to even know where to begin to discuss them. She, as you say in the article, continues to show extreme favoritism toward Kim. Her priorities are out-of-balance. She disrespects her husband and her other children and step-children by her selfishness. Several decades of psychological therapy would be needed for her to "recover." She is one messed-up individual, and tragically, she is affecting every member in her immediate sphere. It is heartbreaking to witness the way she treats Bruce, but it also begs the question: Why is Bruce afraid of her?

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