Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Don't Plan to Sell Baby North's Photos -- Ever

Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestYou might want to sit down for this one. A new report is saying that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have no intention of ever selling baby North's photos for mountains of cash.

Come again? This, from a Kardashian and her "I am a god" man?

Despite the fact that the power couple could make millions selling their infant daughter North West's pics -- they reportedly got an offer of $3 million that they turned down a while back -- now they're rumored to be saying no way to any offer.

Sources told TMZ that Kim & Kanye have considered selling North's baby pictures and then donating the money to charity, but they've even decided against going that route.

Apparently the couple is thinking of either releasing the coveted photos of North, who was born on June 15, to a respected celebrity magazine like Vanity Fair or just post some snapshots on Instagram or Twitter.

Well, well, well. If this latest talk is true, we are ultra impressed with the two Ks' restraint. In fact, it goes against everything that's been hinted at and predicted. It seems totally out of character for both the fame-hungry and money-savvy stars, in the best way possible. Maybe parenthood has changed them, even just a wee little bit? Okay, you're right. Probably not. Scratch that.

But who knows? Reports that Kim and Kanye are super loving, protective parents and are head-over-heels smitten with baby Nori might just be true -- true enough that they'll do the right thing and not use her to make themselves even richer than they already are.

Do you think Kim and Kanye will be selling baby North's photos for a profit?


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abra819 abra819

Hey Kim and Kanye- 2% of the world's population, only give half an F to see your offspring. The other 98%, don't give a full F.      Get over it

nonmember avatar jolie59

That is totally Kanye's doing.....not Kim's for sure!!!!

Gina Blackburn-Gilpin

I am not a fan of Kanye's however I do believe that this is his doing..not Kim's..nor her family's doing. If it were left up to Kris, she would have already sold those pics are used the baby to up her ratings on her show. And although I wouldn't mind seeing pics of the baby, I do think the way Kim and Kanye are handling this is in the best interest of Nori. By giving her a private life for now.

nonmember avatar kayla

if they go the social media route (like bey and jay-z did on tumblr) i'll be very impressed

dubolis dubolis

I've got to see it.....or in this case NOT see it to believe this story. 

momma... momma0ffive

I think Kanye is a control freak....cause if out was kims decision it would have been done already

2nino... 2ninos4me

If i were them , id sell those pics and put the money on a trusted fund for her when she grows up ... But yeah i dont believe that rumor of NOT selling the pics !!!!

japan... japanmommy

They're probably waiting to show her on the shows season finale

Caitl... Caitlyn137

I think they should sell and give money to charity

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