Lea Michele Will Be at Teen Choice Awards Despite 'Incredible Pain' Over Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith and Lea MicheleLea Michele's life since boyfriend and Glee costar Cory Monteith died of a drug overdose has been fraught with unimaginable grief and heartache, says an insider. But that won't stop her from attending tomorrow's Teen Choice Awards.

"Every day is so hard. Just getting up in the morning means remembering that Cory is gone," a source close to Michele told People magazine. "It's incredibly painful."

Michele, 26, still plans to make her first public appearance at the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday night. The popular FOX comedy Glee has five nominations, and the whole cast has confirmed they'll be there for a special tribute to Monteith. Talk about a tear jerker.

Though she has been bravely soldiering on, Michele finds every minute difficult, according to the source. And who wouldn't? It's a wonder she's even been able to get out of bed each morning.

"It's a struggle," the friend said. "She's incredibly strong, but that doesn't make it easier."

Filming for Glee's fifth season started this past week and Michele is back on set -- which is pretty miraculous considering that it's been less than a month since Monteith's death.

Her 31-year-old boyfriend was found alone in a Canadian hotel room July 13. He died from a toxic mixture of heroin and alcohol after a night out with friends.

His ongoing battle with addiction came to light when he checked himself into rehab in the spring. But shortly before his death, he seemed to be doing better -- and there were even rumors that he and Michele planned to move in together and were close to getting engaged.

Monteith played the lovable Finn Hudson on the musical theater show, where Michele stars as Rachel Berry. His character will die in the season's third episode honoring him. Glee is scheduled to premiere a week later than originally planned Sept. 26 and go on an extended hiatus after the tribute episode to Cory.

In the meantime, all eyes will be on Michele and the rest of the cast at what is sure to be an emotional awards ceremony tomorrow night. My guess is that we will be even more impressed by Michele's strength and resolve through this tragedy than we are already.

Are you planning to watch the Teen Choice Awards and the tribute to Cory?


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Jessi... Jessika82493

.I think all this tribute to him is ridiculous...I understand he died and this is a big loss for her I understand her grief...but really they are going to honor a drug addict on teen choice awards?

SaphireH SaphireH

I see no problem, yes Corey did drugs but the doesn't change that he still treated everyone in his life the best he could and they did try to save him but unfortunately everyone lost in the end... out of all the drug addictions heroin and meth seem to be the hardest to kick. I watched 2 of my sisters friends try to stop meth one did and has his life in order while the other she didn't stop and its struggling but she did try and both faught it for atleast a year with trying to get clean but only one kicked it. I also watched my husband's cousin become a heroin addict and we all tried but in the end what took him to straighten out was being arrested for being under the influence of it after a traffic stop when his buddy who was sober as heck got nailed for excessive speeding, the cop noticed my husbands cousin acting all weird and so they checked out why and found him to be very doped up and a 3rd friend had alcohol on him and was drunk as a skunk. After that arrest and a few days in jail he begged for help which he got a year in rehab plus 4 on probation with random drug tests for everything even alcohol which he didn't drink much of ever. He is now slowly coming back around but he is still pretty messed up. He may have made some moronic choices but we dont hate him we were just dissapointed

nonmember avatar Daquan

@jessika82493 are you serious, that man had everyone looking up to him and the fact thst he died is hurting alot of people. yes he did drugs but that was just his dark side. weve also lost his good side that we all know and love! and Lea Michele is going through something no woman should go thru at her age. Please show some respect. R.I.P CORY MONTIETH FINN HUDSON ~2013 :'( he deserves to be honored not disrespected. and besides I <3 Him! when he left i lost my other half!

nonmember avatar Me

Really, im sorry for her and all people who loved him loss, but the way they talk about it is like shes the first person whose lost a loved one, like no one knows how to go on here. People loose loved ones daily and almost 100% of the ones left behind get a few days off from work and then have to resume however normal life they can while dealing with the loss. No one wonders if their companies should be shut down, how theyre going to move on etc.

nonmember avatar Jennel

I miss and am going to miss cory & Finn so much. I have watched glee since the day it started and Finn was instantly a faveourite. I used to buy all the glee songs that I liked at the end of the show. Many of those songs have cory singing in them. Even though I diddnt know cory, I knew Finn and I loved Finn. It's going to be hard for a fan like me to say goodbye to Finn , knowing that cory is dead, knowing that all those actors had to act that scene knowing that cory is dead and still are very upset. It's going to be so hard to watch lea in those scences. I'm just sorry that this had to happen, I'm sorry to everyone who was involved in cory or Finns life. Only the fans can sort of understand.

Cory should Deffinatley be honoured at the teen choice awards. I just hope cory can see now how many people needed him here. 💛

bills... billsfan1104

Daquan, are you for real?? You lost your other half?? WTF

You know, I have noticed when Iennifer Hudson lost part of her family to MURDER, you guys did not go on and on about her come back, how she is feeling and the all eyes on her when she sang at award ceremonies.

This over zealous throwing yourselves over the coffin, is getting out of hand. He should be remembered, but not honored. He did this to himself.

ammamtoh ammamtoh

billsfan1104, I agree. His death was due to his choice to do drugs. Why is he being put on a pedestal when there are men and women in the service who have lost their lives, yet they get a small mention and that is it. What about the people who are dying from cancer or those who have died saving the life of another? I am sick of these celebrities doing stupid crap like drugs, drinking and driving, dying from their stupidity, and them being put on a pedestal. Yeah, it is sad he died young but he chose to get into drugs.

Ashley Ramirez

watch teen choice awards 2013 live stream @


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