Chris Brown Suffers Seizure & Collapses in Hollywood Recording Studio

Chris Brown, Chris Brown seizureChris Brown suffered a seizure in a Los Angeles recording studio Friday and collapsed but was not hospitalized, his rep confirmed.

Brown's seizure was not the result of epilepsy but instead blamed on severe "emotional stress" and exhaustion, according to a statement released Friday night.

"Chris suffered a nonepileptic seizure (NES)," the statement read. "His doctor tended to him this afternoon and attributes the NES to intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress, both due to the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity."

The singer, 24, collapsed Friday morning at the Record Plant studio in Hollywood. A number of media were reporting that he declined treatment from paramedics and refused to be taken to the hospital.

Details of his condition after the seizure were scarce.

Brown has been in the spotlight for his volatile relationship with Rihanna, several angry public outbursts, and a number of legal problems -- the most recent involving a hit-and-run accident in which the star was accused of leaving the scene. He was briefly jailed and then released, and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

After news of his seizure broke, #PrayForChrisBrown began trending on Twitter, accompanied by an outpouring of support.

Interesting how Brown's people are blaming the seizure on extreme stress because of bad publicity and "unfounded" legal woes -- as if Brown has no role in any of it. Maybe some of the messes he's been in aren't his fault, but considering his history of bad behavior, it's hard to imagine that he's some kind of innocent victim in all this. Maybe this health scare will be a wake-up call for him to clean up his act.

What do you think about all this?


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Kattey Kattey

If he doesn't want negativity then maybe he ought to change his behavior to reflect positivity.

stara... starandseen

He likes to do the crime but doesn't want to do the time.  

abra819 abra819

this guy's such a piece of work...

thing... thingz123

Karma's a bitch.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Add him to the list of rappers who have recently had an NES due to 'stress.' *rolls eyes*

nonmember avatar kaerae

"negativity" does not cause seizures, that is a publicist "translating" for a doctor, not the doctor speaking...

Ashan... Ashanti22

F*** the haters Chris keep your head up boo

nonmember avatar Missy

Serves him right wife beating coward!!!

Freela Freela

"Intense fatigue and stress" seem to be PR code words for "drugs" in a lot of cases.

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