Julia Roberts' Jibes About Her Little Sister's Weight Don't Make Her a Pretty Woman

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Julia RobertsLong before Reese Witherspoon or Taylor Swift was considered "America's Sweetheart," it was Julia Roberts. Who can forget Steel Magnolias, Pretty Woman or Erin Brockovich? When you say "STAR" you think of Julia. Being her little sister must be, I dunno, either awesome or horrible, depending. To hear half-sister, Nancy Motes, tell it (she and Julia have the same mother), it was pretty horrible. Nancy was always a much bigger girl than Julia and apparently Julia let her know that in no uncertain terms. To the point where Nancy felt like she should get gastric bypass surgery.

Nancy claims that Julia teased her for years about her weight -- not just when Julia was a kid, but when she was a famous adult too! Nancy told The Sun:

When I was in high school and she was an adult, she would just let me know that I was definitely overweight. She would make it quite clear to me and in a not-so-nice a manner. It just makes me feel incredibly hurt and very sad.

Since at one point Nancy weighed almost 300 pounds, perhaps Julia thought she was doing her a favor. But no one who is that overweight doesn't already know it. Besides, you can tell a person once, but you don't need to tell her over and over. Especially in a rude manner.

According to Nancy, it all came to a head when Julia made yet another remark about her weight and Nancy snapped "F--k you!"

Nancy also claims that Julia was unhelpful when she tried to launch her own acting career -- but again, perhaps Julia was just being realistic. Besides, there's only so much you can do for a friend or relative who wants the same career you have. Lots of people just expect you can wave a magic wand and give them an awesome job in your business. It does not happen that way. And it was certainly going to be much harder for an overweight woman -- one who may or may not have had any talent. Have to give Julia a pass on that one.

But if she was rude about her sister's weight, there's no excuse for that. Certainly Nancy already felt bad enough growing up in a family with such lookers, including Julia, and her brother Eric. (Emma Roberts is Eric's daughter.) Nancy said:

When you're in a family of very, very exceptionally beautiful people it's intimidating.

But after gastric bypass surgery, Nancy has lost 150 pounds and is getting married soon. She seems to have hope it will all work out with Julia and says the family still love each other "absolutely." Wonder if that will remain true after this interview!

Have you ever had a family member criticize your weight?

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nonmember avatar Tara

Julia has always come off as a nasty person. She insults anyone who does not follow the exact same philosophy she does. When I worked in fashion she was at the end of her rising star. She came to Milan fashion week as a guest of Valentino. She treated EVERYONE as her personal assistant and demanded more than any celebrity I ever met. Her continual crass remarks about politics she does not agree with was so ugly. One night at a dinner she verbally abused Lauren Bush to the point where Lauren left. All in all she is definitely not even a "woman". She is a catty little girl.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Do you really think a tabloid would have paid as much for a story that she was a nice lady? This jealous chick needed money, she got it. Get real.

nonmember avatar Real

I don't know what to believe,why know what is she selling? Perhaps some extra cash for the wedding. Fat people will love this, sometimes you try to help them by suggesting exercise or healthier habits and they take it like criticism. I'm sure Julia was trying to help, this woman has her own issues with herself thus the gastric bypass. sounds like she is bitter and was resentful and jealous of Julia.

nonmember avatar Anniesmom

Julia Roberts is a whore who slept around, had affairs with married men and got involved with her current husband while he was still married and she was living with Benjamin Brat. She has absolutely no room to judge anyone.

Jennifer Row McCaughey

Fat people KNOW they are fat, Real, give me a break. Until Julia Roberts starts shaving her stinky pits she should STFU about other people's issues.  She cheated with a married man, who does she think she is giving advice to anyone?

nonmember avatar jasdf

This sister is known to be a money hungry back stabber to Julia Roberts!
She even tried to sneak pictures of Julia's children to sell to a tabloid. Because of this Julia has a very distant relationship with her. This sister works on the set of Glee, a job her sister Julia got for her.

nonmember avatar Real

So if the know why are they always complaining that no matter what they do they cannot lose weight? Then you see them eating junk and try to suggest maybe that's the reason why they are fat and they get offended.

nonmember avatar WHATEVER

It's pretty obvious that REAL either used to be a fat girl or still is and that is why she is in on a Saturday morning posting insults. Either way you are a judgemental piece of cr*p.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

As an overweight person I can tell you critisism does not help. When we talk about our weight problems we don't people to make us feel worse about it. Its really hard to lose weight, its really hard to stick to a diet and I know from personal experience it is extremely hard to grow up with a skinny older sister when you are overweight. Been there done that, it sucked lol

lovem... lovemy2sons25

We dont *want people to make us feel worse about it

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