'Walking Dead' Season 4 Rumored Character Death Would Be a Major Loss

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Walking DeadYou guys, I have some really, really upsetting news about season 4 of The Walking Dead. In fact, you might want to be sitting down for this one. Deep breath … okay, are you ready? Here goes: it's sounding like at some point, one of the characters may … well, it's possible that they'll … oh, there's no easy way to say it. SOMEONE MAY DIE.

Haaa, psych. Of COURSE someone's gonna die, this isn't The Walking Everyone's Totally Safe So Get Super Attached to Any Character You Want Because You Can Be Certain of Their Longevity. It's a sure bet that we're going to say goodbye to some familiar faces in season 4, but there's a rumor floating around that one cast member in particular is definitely getting killed off -- and unlike some of the past characters who have met their grisly end during the show, this one's a major fan favorite.

(Potential spoilers ahead!)

The Walking Dead seems to be in fierce competition with Game of Thrones in terms of murdering characters left and right. In the seasons to date, we've lost Amy, Sophia, Otis, Dale, Shane, T-Dog, Lori, Merle, Andrea, Milton, a crap-ton of secondary cast members, a bazillion zombies, and at lease one horse.

Word on the street is that at some point during season 4, we're also going to bid adieu to -- drumroll -- Hershel. Aw, not Santa Claus! What will we do without his homey advice, righteous beard, and the fact that he basically replaced Dale as the moral compass of the group?

Oddly enough, the talk of Hershel's death got started by actor Norman Reedus’s Instagram photos. Back in July, Reedus posted some images of what appeared to be a get-together among current and previous cast members. Attendees included Jon Bernthal, who played Shane, and Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Lori. It could have been a random fun evening among friends, or, as some are theorizing, it could have been a "death dinner" -- a tradition among the cast where they all have dinner every time a character gets killed off.

Callies described the ritual after her character was killed in season three:

It gives everyone a chance to get properly sauced and say, ‘We’re going to miss the hell out of you.' Since the show has gotten more heart, we now have to disguise it as a birthday party so the wait staff doesn’t spill spoilers.

Okay, so the photo implies that someone died, but who? That's where yet more of Reedus's images are fueling the rumors. In August, Reedus shared these photos, taken one day apart:

The amount of blood on Hershel's shirt in the second photo is what has tongues wagging. Is Hershel covered with blood because he was trying to save someone else -- or because he was fatally wounded?

Personally, I think the Walking Dead cast has been throughly schooled in the art of sharing juuuuuust enough information without tipping anyone's hand, so I highly doubt Norman Reedus showed us anything incriminating in those photos. Yes, characters will absolutely die in season 4, but I really don't think we can go ahead and assume Hershel's on the list based on one blood-soaked shirt.

What's your call? Do you think the cast photos tell us that Hershel's definitely getting axed in season 4?

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nonmember avatar dead walker

Omg not hershal aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Omg omg omg lol lmao :)

nonmember avatar Don'tGiveaFlip

I'm just going to be cruel and say it. Glenn dies (evil laugh)

nonmember avatar A whike

It's not Hershel. It's the walking dead everyone has blood on them

Santeria Marie Samayoa

As long as Dxon and Michonne make it I am good. As a reader of both GOT and The Walking Dead Comics readers expect most of the death that happens. TWD still can surprise the most avid reader but with Game Of Thrones I knew the Red Wedding would happen like it did Rob's wife being killed was a shock I think that was to surprise the readers but I know all kind of even more surprising deaths coming. it is so hard to not tell my husband and he grills me about it every season but I love seeing his shock when it happens. after the Red Wedding he sat there in awe for at least 5 minutes I  loved seeing my tough Alpha Male be stunned at something. As for TWD he does not watch it with me so much Football Season and all and he is just not into it as much. But I expect to see at least 12 of the prison people to die in the first few episodes. Hershel is a good character and keeps him honest but there are going to be a lot of new great characters coming up. I do however think Sasha will not make it Ty looked very dark and angry in the promo but that is just my guess!

Mary Bovary

Not Hershel, I like him!!!! And as long as Daryl's alive I'm good for the rest of the season.

Debbie Hutchinson

I certainly hope Hershcel doesn't die. I really like hima and hes been a rock for everybody else. Why don't they just kill off a bunch of the Woodbury and leave the ones we love alone

nonmember avatar Shannan

As a reader of the walking dead graphic novels I expect major characters to die. Thats the point. They are basing it on real life.If you've read issue 100 then you know what's coming.

nonmember avatar Alciefife

Everyone has blood on them. It's THE WALKING DEAD PEOPLE. !!

nonmember avatar krelia

@shanna, yeah. I've read the novels too. Although, one thing I like about the show is it strays from quite a bit there since they are dealing with casts, contracts, etc. (I.e they've killed off a few who are still around in the novels). Kind of nice that way since I really don't know what to expect sometimes

nonmember avatar me

I kinda wish they killed off daryl. Just to see how people would react. Lol. I liked Shane, and they killed him. I know he was twisted and evil but thats just how I like my men... hehe Im ok with hershel dying, and the little sister. Not kickass but Hershel younger daughter. But ill watch either way. I just wish Shane would come back as a ghost with Lori. What can I say, I miss him lol

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