Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev's Teen Choice Awards Reunion Could Be Awkward or the Best Thing Ever

Vampire DiariesHere's a good reason to channel your inner 13-year-old and watch the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday night: Confirmed to attend are 50 Shades frontrunner Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, Somerhalder's ex-girlfriend / Vampire Diaries co-star / possible future "Ana." (Phew!)

The sparks sure still seem to be flying between the two, if we can put any stock in all the rumors and speculation flying around...

Case in point: Both Nina and Ian tweeted links to the exact same Sharkweek cat video recently. OK, I know, I know -- that's just a LOL! But is it also a "hmmmm"?!

Nina also tweeted a photo of herself "behind the scenes" at a Cosmopolitan photo shoot,  which just happened to involve a super sexy, lacy bra. She MUST know is going to catch Ian's social media eye (the guy loves his Twitter!).

Then there's that photo (pictured above) that Ian Instagrammed, showing Nina and their co-star Paul Wesley all looking super cozy, with the caption: "The trio-Stefan, Elena, Damon..." It's hard to look at how close they are in that pic and not wonder what's going through their minds. And THEN there's the photo from the CW shoot where it sure looks like Ian is seriously pining after Nina.

Yeah, all this might be a stretch, but it sure could make for some interesting sparks flying at the Teen Choice Awards, where nominee Nina is also scheduled to present and Ian and Paul are both nominated for the category "Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi." And it certainly makes things more interesting when it comes to 50 Shades of Grey casting speculation, with all that "are they or aren't they?" tension.

Of course, all this could be a total bust -- it sure would be boring if they ended up just, like, high-fiving each other politely on the red carpet or something, right? Or it could be super awkward if one of them brings a DATE ... but that seems pretty unlikely, dontchya think? Or would that just make the plot thicken ...

What do you think -- will you be keeping your eye on this "ex" couple Sunday night at the Teen Choice Awards?

Image via IanSomerhalder/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Clarice

I don't think it will be awkward, Ian and Nina have been working together for weeks now and are up to episode three of the new season.
I can't get over how in sync they still are. They do tweet similiar things and sound the same. The cats etc. Old habits die hard I guess. It's a shame they couldn't make it work. Date? Maybe Nina will bring Derek Hough. She has spent every weekend with him lately. I'd say the party boy dancer is her new squeeze. I know which guy has more substance and which one I'd rather hang with though.

nonmember avatar Isha

Can you just talk about Ian alone?I will listen to you all day long..Thank you..PS:How do you know Ian was "pining"he told you guys? oh ok

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