Leah Remini Is Crazy Brave to File Missing Person's Report on Scientology Leader's Wife

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Leah ReminiLeah Remini made headlines a few weeks ago when she decided to leave the Church of Scientology. But she took the already gasp-worthy move one step further by filing a missing person's report with the Los Angeles Police Department for Scientology leader David Miscavige's wife, Shelly Miscavige, reports RadarOnline.

When news broke that Leah was leaving the church, one of the related details was that she had asked where Shelly was at Tom Cruise's 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes and was brutally rebuffed. Leah and Shelly were apparently friends ... and Shelly has not been seen in public in six years, according to writer Tony Ortega on his site, The Underground Bunker. But according to The Daily News, LAPD Officer Gregory Baek said they met with David Miscavige regarding Leah's report, and police now consider the case closed. Hmm ... Still, weird, right?

As for her reported whereabouts, Ortega says that Shelly was transferred to a "secret compound near Lake Arrowhead in the mountains above Los Angeles" in early 2006, where a dozen Scientologists are housed, "completely cut off from the outside world." And an attorney for Shelly reassured Us that she's "not missing." Instead, they say:

Any reports that she is missing are false. Mrs. Miscavige has been working non-stop in the Church, as she always has.

Still, the woman hasn't been seen or heard from for six years?? I don't blame Leah for pursuing answers or filing that report! The Church called it a "publicity stunt," but please. More likely, Leah seems like a woman who is concerned about her friend. I also feel like she's incredibly brave to speak up, stand up, and say she felt like something was amiss here. But maybe also a bit crazy ... Seems like the Church will stop at nothing to make sure their reputation is upheld -- ex-members who want to be able to "question things," be damned.

What do you think about Leah's move and Shelly's supposed whereabouts?


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tifferie tifferie

If she is alive, why can't she just prove it? She could appear on tv to show people that she is indeed alive. Too bad that cult has deep pockets. Wonder who they paid to close the case.

Jeanne Basoon

I think you've been taken in by a publicity stunt. There is and was never anything to the story. You can read anything you want to into this, as you have and may continue to do, but the LAPD would not have dismissed this report if there had been a grain of truth to it. Not everyone chooses to live in the limelight. Most of us just get on with our work and our lives and fortunately we do not have to defend out choices to paparazzi and tabloids. This whole affair is a transparent attempt to revive a faltering career at the expense of the LA taxpayer and her one-time friends.

Geo Caliban

"If she is alive, why can't she just prove it?" She obviously DID or the police wouldn't have dropped it. What, she has to prove it to you too?

nonmember avatar Summertime!

This might sound really dumb but what exactly is Scientology?

kckcm2 kckcm2

Summertime scientology is A cult like religion that was created by a science fiction writer on I believe a bet. The "religion" believes a while bunch of really wonky things and consistently shames anyone who leaves the fold

chech... chechimansmama

@Jeanne Basoon... its not that this woman chose not to live in the limelight, its that NO ONE has seen her in over six years. NO ONE.. and the fact that Leah simply had asked where Shelley was and was broughtin by the church to be basically brain washed is the reason Leah left.

Daisy Haverstock

If I hadn't seen a friend who hasn't been seen in six years and was totally cut off of getting in contact by a spouse, I would do the same thing. It is better than finding out 20 years later she died and being left with guilt or regret for saying nothing.

nonmember avatar sandy

Well, Leah sounds like a good friend to have! Gutsy, principled, loyal, determined; great traits on their own, but when a friend has not been seen, nor any satisfying explanation offered about her communication blackout, Leah's terrier courage sure comes in handy. As for Shelly: If she is working hard for "the church," why is she in a secluded compound, and why has her name not been heard or mentioned amidst the "flock?" Leah was still a Scientologist for most of the missing six years, so why had she not word one about or from her friend through church events and communications? Lots of smoke typically does indicate fire somewhere...

Ginaw... Ginawith5kids

I think Leah was right to do what she did, and Shelly is indeed in danger. she's in a secret compound, cut off from society, " working" for the church? that does not sound okay....

Wholly Moses

Amazing people believe the police department is on the up and up and cannot be bought! The LAPD especially, as they have been an arm for the CIA and DEA smuggling drugs over the border for decades. Tell me anything in our society today that cannot be bought? Seriously, 6 years and not seen? Give me a break!

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